Mimansa Verma, Quartz finance and economy reporter (Left); Sumnima Lama, Quartz intern (Right)

Quartz editor-in-chief Katherine Bell has announced two new additions to the Asia newsroom this summer: Mimansa Verma joins Quartz India as a finance and economy reporter based in Mumbai, and Sumnima Lama joins Quartz as an intern in Hong Kong.

Mimansa Verma, Quartz India’s newest finance and economy reporter, is based in Mumbai. Mimansa has five years of experience covering the Indian economy and central bank, most recently at Informist Media. She will be writing on banking and the economy, cryptocurrency, and digital payments. She starts in July 2021.

Quartz editor-in-chief Katherine Bell has announced Ciku Kimeria will be officially joining the Quartz Africa team as editor. She is a longtime contributor to Quartz Africa and has authored almost 40 articles for the site, on topics as wide-ranging as the perils of traveling with an African passport to the optimism inspired by Africa’s first NFT art collections.

Quartz editor-in-chief Katherine Bell has announced six new additions to the newsroom this spring. Leslie Nguyen-Okwu joins the Asia team as a reporter based in Taipei; Carlos Mureithi joins Quartz Africa as a reporter based in Nairobi; Clarisa Diaz joins the Things team as a reporter based in New York City; Camille Squires joins as a reporter covering cities, based in San Francisco; Priyanka Vora joins as an audience editor based in New York; and Scott Nover joins as an emerging industries reporter based in Washington DC. …

Quartz has appointed Daniel Alvarez as chief product officer. He’ll be responsible for all product development at Quartz, ensuring the company’s continued excellence in editorial product innovation and overseeing the engineering, design, product management, and analytics teams.

Daniel Alvarez

“Daniel is a seasoned product leader, and we’re excited to welcome him…

There’s just under 24 hours left to vote for Quartz in the 21st Webby Awards

We have a favor to ask, loyal Quartz readers. Do you like Quartz?

Great! Do you have 20 seconds to spare? Even better.

Thanks to you, we recently celebrated a major milestone at Quartz: profitability. As you’ll see in the staff memo below, we plan to invest and grow even more, to build on new platforms and expand to new global markets — and, eventually, to become the business news brand of this century. We hope you’ll join us.

Hello Quartz -

With the accounts for 2016 now finalized, we can officially confirm what we had earlier conveyed: Quartz was profitable last year, a remarkable accomplishment in only our fourth full year of operation.

Creating a quality digital publication that is sustainable over…

The Quartz app is now on Android, and we’d like to welcome you to download it here. We’d also like to thank all of the Android users out there who have waited patiently for us to build it for them.

Hey there.

Back in February, we launched the Quartz app for iPhone. We know, we know: there are already so many news apps on the market. We wanted to try something different, though. What if the app was designed anew for the smartphone interface, rather than as a facsimile of a website? …

¡Buenos días, lectores de Quartz!

Last week on Quartz we published a series of stories we’re calling Map of the Internet. This project is the result of many months of effort to reverse engineer what the internet is, how it works, and how it’s changing — and changing us. However, for all we wrote and reported, there is so much more we weren’t able to say. A huge portion of our research did not make it into the final product.

We are fondly wrapping up production of our podcast Actuality, which was a joint venture between Marketplace and Quartz. The idea for a co-produced podcast came from a shared sensibility around covering business and the economy—a natural outgrowth of our admiration for each other’s work. Actuality has been a great chance for us to experiment together in the ever-changing area of on-demand media. Our two seasons, co-hosted by the terrific and talented team of Sabri Ben-Achour and Tim Fernholz, allowed us to connect the dots of the global economy with engaging guests and first-hand reporting.

Sabri Ben-Achour and Tim Fernholz, signing off

Our biggest hit was the…


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