Things you should and shouldn’t do your glass splashback!

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks

Things you should and shouldn’t do your glass splashback!

Have you installed glass splashbacks in your home’s kitchen from a renowned company that deals in glass splashbacks in London!? If that is the case then you know that a glass splashback does not come cheap. This means that you would need to take good care of it.

Caring for kitchen glass splashbacks London is easy given you to follow a few rules while cleaning and maintaining them on a regular basis. For your convenience, the following sections have been divided into two. One section will shed light on the things you should be doing to your splashbacks and the latter, things you shouldn’t.

So, without further ado, let’s begin now shall we!?

Things you should be doing

· It is best to clean splashes as soon as they happen It would be easier to remove the stains as soon as they occur. Furthermore, the longer you let the splashes sit on the splashback, the longer you are allowing for microbes to make the same their home!

· Be sure to use lint-free wiping cloths/rags If you prefer a shiny splashback, you should use lint-free rags or wiping towels. For the best results, you can always use a bit of rubbing alcohol to not only keep the splashback germ-free but also shiny!

· Wipe it dry Always wipe a wet splashback dry after cleaning in order to enjoy a streak-free, shiny look.

Things you should avoid doing

· Do not use abrasives like steel wool Glass surfaces and steel wool are not in the best of terms! Even if you have chosen toughened glass splashback for your kitchen, it is best that you do not use steel wool to scrub the splashback clean! Over time, steel wool will leave fine scratches in your glass splashback. The best step forward would be to use a soft natural sponge.

· Do not use paper towels Granted your splashback will be riddled with grease and food splatters. Now, after cleaning them off, you might feel like in order to restore its original sheen, you should use paper towels and give the splashback a nice rub. Please avoid this since paper towels are bound to break down which will leave a lot of fine paper lint all over the splashback. You can use a microfiber cloth instead, for the best results.

· Be sure to wipe it clean when it is a sunny day It is best that you leave the splashback cleaning for a cool day when the sun is not raining fireballs in your locality. The reason is simple — even if you have given it your best, a wet splashback, on a hot sunny day will quickly become dry even before you are able to wipe it dry. This will leave a lot of stains on your glass splashback that will be unpleasant to look at. The best time to clean a glass splashback is at night, right before you close up the kitchen before going to bed.


There you have it! A definitive guide to the things you should and shouldn’t be doing to the glass splashbacks in your kitchen. Be sure to follow the tips mentioned in this post with due diligence in order to keep your glass splashbacks from harm’s way for years to come!

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