How do you prepare for your trip?

“I should go on a trip …”

From the moment you start your journey.

It is planning, preparing, leaving.

■ Purpose of Travel

Why are you going to travel?

just? play? To see? Feeling? Do you enjoy it? Are you learning? I’m just curious? And so on.


It is a goal of no purpose

The trip itself is meaningful enough.

■ Travel Area

What is the area, country and environment I want to visit?

Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North / Central America, South America and Oceania.

■ Areas of Interest

Architecture, art, music, historical sites, museums, nature, food, etc.

Think about what you are interested in and what topic to take with you.

For example…

Gaudí’s architecture, Picasso’s painting, Portuguese music, Angkor Wat in Cambodia,

British Museum, Tibetan blue sky, Indian tallies, etc.

■ Accommodation

Hotel, Youth Hostel, Bed & Breakfast, Homestay, Camping, Guest House

You can use the accommodation that is suitable for you.

Use your good hotel for occasional breaks or hobbies.

I usually use cheap accommodation for backpackers

We have the opportunity to exchange information and exchange information with travelers from various countries.

■ Travel type

There are a variety of free backpacks, group backpacks, multinational backpacks, helper pack backpacks, car travel, hotel packs (airtel), hostels packs, and jump packs.