make sure you mix the sugar in really smooth.
Valerie MacEwan

Alas, I never got to it. But I’ll leave this in my reading list. Who knows. There are sure to be pot lucks etc.

My pumpkin pies turned out to to my liking and were a big hit also, the former not always implying the latter. Last year I ate them myself. This year I got back to my tried and true recipe from The American Woman’s Cook Book circa 1945. It was beat when I bought it back in the eighties when I lived alone above an antique shop in Suffern, NY.

I use the individual spices variation + 1/4 tsp or so cloves. Also half the liquid or it takes forever to cook. Even so figure an hour minimum. Oh and my wife is Jewish and reasonably observant so I substitute soy milk to keep it Parev.

A few years back my wife clued me into a pastry recipe which involves vodka and is fab. This year I used bread flour by mistake. Everybody loved it. Here they are cooling in the mud room.

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