Don’t even get me started on loving my grandparents and uncles. Fine, get me started.
You don’t have to love your family
Jessica Wildfire

I love that. Along with similar quips I felt like you were sitting across from me dishing this in person. Bravo!

Trump voting is a pretty good sieve for winnowing away the people you just don’t need. But it can be complicated. My sister voted Trump because she’s one of those Christians who only care about fetuses — here I bite my tongue so I don’t get started — but it turned out she was one of a handful of people who didn’t cut little brother out of their lives when he landed his sorry ass in prison for something truly shameful.* I hadn’t interacted with him much for years but we hung out all the time as children so when the shit hit the fan I said to him look you don’t get to stop being my brother. So it was a conscious decision to act in love toward someone who had made himself seriously unlovable. The only other people who visited him in the slammer are people who accompanied me, namely, my wife and daughter. (Dang this shit is getting long!) I kept up flying all the way to fucking Florida, a place which I hate, every 4 to 6 weeks in order to make sure he stayed connected to reality based on the fact that someone actually gives a good damn. He’s been a trial with his crashing cluelessness, but as he approaches his release date there appears to be some hope that he is beginning to “get it.” Anyway, she (my sister) writes the occasional letter, and along with my other brother she is one of the three who will be there when he steps out. Back in the beginning I said, “We’re all sinners,” and it clicked.

Why did I write all this? Ah, family! Just when you think you have it figured out some shit hits the fan and you have to start all over.

*If you really want to know poke around my profile and follow one or more of the links — you’ll know which ones.

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