A String Of Seductions
Aura Wilming

My musical life also changed along with my physical life. But the path has been different from yours, which is only what anyone would expect. I barely listen to music now because what I really love is being in it. Not being a professional musician and having lost my proficiency on guitar and piano, I found community and church choirs. I have the ability to maintain pitch within harmony so I fit in. It has become a major source of joy. I believe that our distant ancestors learned to sing together before they could talk together. It creates a feeling of belonging like no other. When it is really clicking I feel like I could die for my chiormates. With such belonging those ancient people could defend each other from ending up inside Sabertooth Tigers. Music literally saved the human race ending up in a pile of Sabertooth Tiger shit.

Looks like I strayed from the topic, sorry.

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