If you click the headline of that section, you can see a view a full stream of those stories, and that section updates in real time.
Hi Jack,
Your Friends @ Medium

Wait a minute. Am I misunderstanding something? Isn’t a “full stream” more than five stories? Yet five stories is exactly what I get when I “click the headline of that section” on my Android phone. If I do the same thing on my laptop, the full stream is there.

Since I do most of my Medium reading on my Android phone, would reinstate my membership in a heartbeat if the “full stream” reappeared there. In the older software, in the closest analogs of these sections, it was there. Why is it not there now? Are there plans to bring it back? I have been begging for an answer to this question in articles, responses, even Help requests. Would you, My Friends @ Medium, be so kind as to help me out with this?

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