Beautiful Stranger

I saw you and you saw me

Was it the awkward silence or were u thinking about me,

You looked the other way,

But your eyes had somethings to say.

A smile and we sat

A whisper that’s all we had,

For words would be too heavy

Or was it because you weren’t still ready.

Was it the time we didn’t have

Or were you not ready for gods new plan,

For then when I saw you smile

I had a memory that’s forever mine.

So many words u said I couldn’t understand

Just that you no longer needed to hold anything back,

U lead me to your memories so deep

Now i was also among one of them i believed.

When u walked away

You turned and you smiled

I wanted to ask your name

But couldn’t yet decide.

For when I’ll see you again out in the blue,

I’ll smile back to a beautiful stranger that i once knew.

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