a piece of me for bae

I didn’t think before saying “I love you”
And now like an equation as complex as you are, I have 
to prove my love so Baby, 
Steps till we mature in love 
I will solve you step by step till there are no questions to answer

Here’s what I’ve learnt loving you:
Love is not love if it is forced; it is work 
With distance as a factor
It can only be love if there is a real choice. 
Love is humility in the pride
So I will stay when I am told to go away, 
Stay cheerful when you are not so cheerry.
Forget strawberries and cherries, 
My hugs will be cranberry 
Curing all your heart problems

I will wear our love like a badge on a primary perfect 
Recite your name religiously in soft whispers 
Like I am conscious of the crowd
When I announce our love I want it to be clear, 
That I didn’t get love’s definition wrong 
It’s your mind before your body so I’ll treat your body right till there are no excuses left 
Choose you everyday like my salvation, I will pray 
when I want to hunt you as prey
Grow with you in stages counting the ages in moments 
You will call me to tell me you miss me
We will talk about poop and make it cool
Have internal jokes our interns will aspire to write about

I didn’t think before saying I love you 
Before realizing love was a daily decision to stay
In the rough weeks and grumpy days 
When no one is in the mood
And tingling sensations become hair wrenching emotion
I didn’t think before saying I love you

Ammishaddai Ofori 
Poet @ @poetry_tins

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