If Statements

If yours is lustful with hidden desires
A power that can tune out anguished cries

If yours is skewed from what is real
A broken heart at the hearth of hell

If yours has been shaped by compressed ideologies
Exploding your expectations into surreal philosophies

If yours is of yourself and has lost its focus
A coping mechanism to dope the soreness

If no one can pierce your armoured flesh
Yet you constantly live in the horrors of the past

If you forget it is being betrayed 
Justified in every way to up up and away

But bowing for the good and deciding to stay
Muting your protests and deciding to pray

If you forget it’s an every day sacrifice 
The slavery of your thoughts to intentional compromise
And the dictate of your emotions to the discipline of abstinence

If you forget those 13 verses
In the greatest story of a loving father
Placed in a Corinthian 13th Chapter

Then let me remind you that your love is not enough

#kpodolachallenge Theme: “Love Is Not Enough”

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