In One Year

In one year I have made more progress than in 24.
I have drank of juices foreign to boys and dared by few men.
I have been drunk and I have sobered up completely.
I have tasted more than I have eaten.
I have feasted and I have fasted.
I spent hours in minutes and minutes in hours oblivious to both.
I have explored and inquired.
I have lost friends and made new ones.
I separated myself from my family and got very close to them.
I have cried but mostly I have laughed.
I have lived poor and I have understood wealth.
Wealth physically and in concept.
I have blasphemed and I have worshipped.
I have found purpose and hope.
I came to the end of losing my life only to find life eternal.
I was dead but I have been awakened.
I almost died at sea.
That was scary.

In one year, I have made resolutions and broken them.
I have believed in my knowledge and have been disappointed in it.
I have understood that knowledge is fleeting and you know less as you discover more.
I have learnt to be content in the moment and aspire for more.
I have destroyed teams and built new ones.
I have been disappointed in men and I have been impressed by souls.
In one year I have come to understand the word patience and its meaning.
I have been jealous and I have learnt to trust completely.
I have responded to life and I have learnt to create opportunities in life.
I have digressed and progressed.
Mostly progressed.

In one year, I have called one human several names and received similar names in return.
I have been called a boyfriend, boo and baby.
And they have all made sense.
And I have had conversations that are too deep to make sense and too silly to tell anyone but you.
I have been called fruity because of you.
I have been called an old soul. Mostly by you.
I have questioned God and found answers in you.
I have come to understand the concept of self-sacrificing, all-encompassing, total and supreme love through you.
I have found God in men and God in myself.
I have found God in who He is and most importantly, I have found God in you.
I have come to understand that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.
Most importantly I have loved you.

In one year babe, You will have understood even more, my love for you.
And infinitely more, God’s love for you.
You will have gained more than you bargained for.
You will have progressed beyond your wildest dreams.
You will have increased in knowledge and understanding.
Wealth will be a byproduct of everything else you achieve.
You will have stories that resonate in the history of man and the fabric of the universe.
You will have attracted every good thing you yearn for in the power of God.
You will have sorted out the bane in your life and the joker in your family.
Your manifesto will have begun a movement and its effect rippling.
You will have tested and tried faith. In God and in man.
But God never fails and the man he has given you is an incarnate of him.
So obviously you will not be disappointed.
I love you babe.

In one year babe, You will still have me.
We would be more excellent versions of our current existence.
We would have had more stories together than we have accumulated so far.
We would have met mentors and become mentors ourselves.
We would have touched lives that touch exponentially many more lives.
We would have created and produced a thriving legacy.
And every good thing thought, spoken or said between us would have been established and set in motion.
We would still be us.
Awkward and in our own world.


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