Qube 1st NFT’s Distribution Completed ✨

Happy Monday everyone!
We are ready to announce that we have distributed NFTs to the lucky participants of the Qube Presale and IDO rounds!🎉 🎉🎉

As the result of the path we have passed together, we rewarded the most loyal participants as a sign of gratitude for believing in the big future of the Qube Crypto Space project!🔥

In collaboration with the professional artist and directly the Qube team, the winners received a unique NFT artwork specially designed for our project 🖼✨

You can see NFTs on the unique tab page of the Qube website using the link: 👉🏻 https://theqube.cc/check-nft/

📍The winner list is attached:👇🏼

In the coming future we will share all the privileges of owning the Qube NFTs.✨ We will work on creating few more NFT collections, which will help the project to embark the new horizons!💥



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Qube Crypto Space

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