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3 min readMar 9, 2022

Last week we’ve been published the public vote on, during which our community members should pick up the suitable names for the Qube Launchpad Tier System, which eventually will be associated with our project the most! 💫

And so, you made your choice in favor of this names:👇🏼

🌙T1 — Mystic
T2 — Arcane
🌔T3 — Cryptic
💫T4 — Enigmatic

We have always put community feedback above all else, and through our communication with the community, most of you have shared their opinion about the decision-making for the Tier System names.💥

The choice is based primarily on the team’s anonymity which makes our project quite mysterious! ✨

And now let’s get through the details on the Tier System including more privileges and advantages of it. 🙌🏻

Tier System Explainer

The Qube Launchpad is announcing the details of its Tier System. We will take a quadruple approach to its Tiers and Guaranteed allocation in the first 3 Tiers for its settled projects.
And in continuing to provide ways and tools that offer wealth protection measures for our investors, we are also adopting a KYC system.

Important note 📌

The limits and the number of Tiers varied and were based on the project’s terms.

Qube Launchpad Tier System

1️⃣ Mystic Tier

Required number of QUBE: 500,000 QUBE*

1. Allocation: Guaranteed**
2. Whitelist: Required
3. Max limits: up to $2000
4. Delays: No
5. KYC: Required (once)

2️⃣ Arcane Tier

Required number of QUBE: 300,000 QUBE*

1. Allocation: Guaranteed**
2. Whitelist: Required
3. Max limits: up to $1500
4. Delays: up to 30 mins
5. KYC: Required (once)

3️⃣ Cryptic Tier

Required number of QUBE: 100,000 QUBE*

1. Allocation: Guaranteed**
2. Whitelist: Required
3. Max limits: up to $1000
4. Delays: up to 90 mins
5. KYC: Required (once)

4️⃣ Enigmatic Tier

Required number of QUBE: 0 QUBE

1. Allocation: FCFS
2. Whitelist: Not required
3. Max limits: up to $500
4. Delays: up to 180 mins
5. KYC: Required

The privileges and advantages of Tier System

Besides the above-mentioned benefits , we have added some extra bonuses for the QUBE holders to make the system fairer ⚜️

* Amount of QUBE token on BEP20 wallet + vesting + staking.

* The Qube 1st NFT Collection cards give discounts on the required amount of QUBE to get in Tiers: Diamond Card — 30%, Gold Card — 20%, Silver Card — 10%.

* The number of QUBE may vary in the future depending on the price on the exchanges.

** Allocation is guaranteed, but the pool of tokens may be limited, and if the participant did not have time to buy tokens or the tier pool was sold out, then the participant has the right to participate in the following tiers.

Mystic, Arcane, and Cryptic Tiers participants can participate in the next Tiers if they missed their Tier.


If you don’t have any QUBE yet, you can buy it on PanCakeSwap in order to participate in IDOs.


With the Tier System, the Qube aims to address and capture a larger market share for all products our platform offers and as a result, more people can get the chance to participate and get benefits from holding QUBE 🌍 🚀



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