In Pursuit of Excellence: My Experience at Pioneering Andela Boot Camp in Abuja

Andela Boot camp came and still in progress. I had prepared my mind to put in my best and learn as fast as possible. Though, being a beginner in software development, I was not scared of any challenges that might come my way but in the long run, I found some tasks very demanding and tasking. I do not consider them as threats though but an avenue to continue to grow, learn and be a master at them.

One of the most challenging tasks was to set up Jasmine framework for Test Driven Development. Setting up Jasmine framework using standalone application was very easy but on command terminal it was a bit tedious and tasking. I googled enough tutorial on how to set up this framework and watched videos on this. All kept reiterating same thing.

Well, with the help of fellow bootcamp members and better illustration from a senior colleague, I was able to get the framework worked. That was very cool and fantastic.

In the course of this bootcamp I have learnt a lot about technologies, collaboration, work ethics, seeking feedback, project management, use of Trello for task tracking and how to write code that are less prone to bugs. The experience so far has been full that I can not put all into words.

Thank you Andela for the opportunity so far.

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