It’s not the cost which determines the quality of granite. In fact, granites are classified into different grades on the basis of the design they are cut in , colour as well as on the basis of no. of soft minerals they include. Also whether it comprises mica, feldspar or other materials judge the quality of granite .The choices for granite selection should be made in such a manner that they suit the requirements and conditions needed to be tackled by the granite . Choosing the granite grades this way eliminates the risk of landing into buying a faulty grade granite which goes completely against the conditions of that particular place where they are needed to be installed. So here are a few parameters and tips to identify different grades of Granite Worktop Surfaces:

1: Origin

The prices of granite vary from region to region, and this is also one of the parameter judging the grade of Granite Worktops. For eg.: China produces the cheapest granite because of the low labour cost but at the same time granite from Brazil is costlier than that of China. Also , granite is heavy and is thus difficult to ship. Shipping them thus also takes a good amount of money. So, granite varies in its quality as per the country of Origin more than the cost actually.

2: Thickness:

To ensure greater durability, thicker granite slabs are preferred which also determines their quality. Thicker slabs have higher quality than the thin slabs. Worktops with thick slab coating last longer than the thinner sections because thin sections are easily breakable and are also less resistant to cuts and stains. So the thicker the slab is, the higher quality it possesses.

3: Colour Of The Granite

The colour and textures which are in greater demand cost less as compared to the other slabs having different colours. Red, purple and blue coloured granites are the least common ones and thus need high prices to be paid. Other colour slabs which stay in more demand are cheaper than the exclusive ones . Texture and the overall pattern of the granite also judge the quality of the granite.

4: Grading

Though there is no standardised way of differentiating granite materials, but still, these are divided into Low-grade, Mid-grade and High-grade granite depending upon the area of use. Low-grade granites for example consists of more soft minerals mixed into the stone and are also available in lesser colour variants. Mid-grade granites show improved texture and patterns but are not too much unique to clear cut differentiate from the rest other materials. High-grade stones are the most expensive ones which are available in separate single colours and textures. This means purity is the main thing they possess. High-grade stones are more durable than the low-grade stones because an excess of soft minerals in the stone makes it mote prone to the damage which means high-quality stones have less mixed minerals than the mid and low-quality stones. To ensure about all the factors you can visit the attractive granite worktops in manchester england which gives the satisfying results.

So these were the basic parameters holding onto which you can easily choose any granite for your worktops. This not only will ensure greater performance but more durability at the same time. So choose accordingly and the best out of the lot.

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