The Biggest Emotional Challenges Every Entrepreneur Faces

It goes without saying that if you are an entrepreneur, you will undoubtedly face many challenges.

There are moments in which you will feel exhilarated and pumped and the next minute a feeling of fear will overcome you. And this is totally normal.

It’s all part of being an entrepreneur. After all, being an entrepreneur means that you embrace risk while accepting the fact that failure is simply part of the game.

If you are currently in the process of building your business, whether full-time or part-time, you will undoubtedly experience the following emotional challenges.

#1 Defining Who You Want To Be

As an entrepreneur you need to look within and decide who you want to be. You will not have an employer giving you a job title with a job description detailing what is required of you.

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#2 High Stress

Being an entrepreneur will never be easy. the intense emotions, pressures and responsibilities may be overwhelming and challenging to overcome, however, learning how to manage stress and anxiety will allow you to deal with situations when they arise in a more confident and efficient manner.

#3 Working With Little, or No Supervision

You are your business, from beginning to the end. Yes! This is totally amazing but it also means that you don’t have anyone guiding you or helping you make decisions. It’s all on you. As an entrepreneur you will experience doubt and it’s totally normal but be confident with your decisions and ability to make them on your own.

#4 Extreme Emotional Feelings-Always

Everyone experiences feeling of overwhelm, doubt, fear and exhilaration but for the entrepreneur these emotions happen all at once and at an extreme level of intensity. It’s impossible to NOT feel these feelings while juggling so many things on your own.

#5 Financial Hardship

When you find that your business isn’t growing at the rate you thought it would, money is the first thing that’s affected. This, undoubtedly, can be a mortifying experience for the entire business and your family.

In reality, most people who read this would probably turn the other way and run from any entrepreneurial endeavor they may have considered at one point. And then there are the others who will embrace it and embark on the journey. Why? Passion.

Passion does not allow fear and self-doubt to overcome us. The entrepreneur’s journey is a unique one which transforms you in the process and has the ability to tap into your greater purpose.

And isn’t that what we really want?

To find our greater purpose and live the rest of our days knowing that we are engaged in meaningful and purpose-driven work?

So, if you are an entrepreneur who is currently going through a rough patch and feeling a sense of overwhelm, know that this is all part of the process. Continue moving forward while understanding that this unique journey belongs to you.

Helpful tip: Working with a coach, mentor or accountability partner that is aligned with your business style and familiar with your particular niche is KEY.

All great leaders have coaches.

Remember, great things take time. Building something from complete scratch is no easy feat which makes it so incredibly honorable on your part that you have chosen to take the path of the entrepreneur. Keep moving forward. Your day will come.

Make your struggles count! Do not give up.

Be Great, Always!

Ivette Viñas is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach and the creator of “Savvy and Wealthy Women in Biz”, a transformational workshop for Alpha females.

To learn more about Ivette Viñas please visit

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