Job seekers, Independent Contractors, and Freelancers: Try this mind shift to help you attract new clients and awesome work opportunities

I’ve read a lot of posts lately from people who are out of work or looking for new opportunities and the frustration they’re having from dead-end interviews, no call backs, sending out applications and resumes to black holes, and dealing with not so good recruiters.

I completely understand because I’ve been in that same situation if not worse. Here are some actionable tips that you can do starting today and it may make a world of difference in your job search or business efforts.

When searching for work or new clients, put on your consulting hat (even if that’s not your job title) and be on a mission. Be on a mission to solve a company or client’s problem. This can quickly change your mindset from a job seeker looking for work to pay the bills (even though that’s what we all do with our check) to a person who is confident and on a mission to add value and help a company succeed using your skills, talent, and abilities. The goal here is to turn the attention away from your needs and wants and focus on the employer’s or client’s needs and wants.

Recruiters, business owners, and hiring managers don’t care, for the most part, that you are out of work. They care about what you can do for them; how you can help their business grow, add value to their team or whatever their business goal may be. Try telling a new story. A story of your mission and passion instead.

Be creative. Be bold. Be positive. Be persistent. Be focused.