Where am I from. Or, where I am from.

I am just about to enter the magnetic field of the cell of the solar system that contains the planet Earth. I am in aetherial form. I am a thought, I need no space suit or vehicle. 
Pluto’s moons are are slipping by me on my right. I can sense the life forms nearby, they are teaching me things. I can hear the sound that the movement of Pluto and the Moons make in space, they are tones. Before I exit the vibrationl pull of Pluto I am pulled forth into the next electro-magnetic field of Uranus. The various tones are now in harmony, and creating a floating vortex like the calm in the eye of the storm. I tarry in motionless bliss for a time unknown. I am also learning things from the lifeforms there-by.

Next, I feel another pull, another harmony, and I am pulled forth as Neptune passes by, I am carried along in the flow. Down and around I am carried, to tarry with each planet, with their harmonies, their vibrations, and their lessons. I move all the way around even Mercury and the Sun, and then I’m handed to the Moon for my last kiss from the heavens. I am then freed to descend into my body. After a time I am born into flesh.

All that I learned while I traveled here is securely retained in my memory. The memory of thousands of such journeys included.

I am born of the stars, the moons, and the planets. I've been polished and purified, and I've been schooled by the ancients of memory. I came here as a scientist to discover the wonder of this beautiful creation, this garden, if you will.

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