A girl’s journey

Normally these things start out with a bit of an ‘about me’, which this technically is I guess, you will learn one thing about me. I really just want to get down to business and discuss what I came here to discuss. Today that is dance.

Since April of last year I have been going to weekly Lindy Hop class, I started on a bit of a whim. Actually I was looking for an Argentine tango class, but came across this instead. I was a person who had two left feet, no real sense of rhythym and very self concious. But dance has literally changed my life.

Last Sunday I attended one of their workshops, Fundamentals III, which focuses on combining different rhythms and dance styles. 6 count, 8 count and Charleston. I came out of there full of enthusiasm, life and energy, I had made a dozen new friends (again!) and found some new confidence in myself. This happens every single time I dance. Sometimes it is hard work, sometimes my feet don’t do what they should be doing, but I find myself caring less and less and focusing more on the best bit. Having fun.

The point of all this? Just some self reflection, that I need to care less and focus more on the good things. Not just dance. But life.

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