Harry Potter and the Sanctioned Follow-On Work (or, Fanfiction vs. the Patriarchy)
Elizabeth Minkel

I wholeheartedly agree that TCC is not fanfiction. How could it be when it was sanctioned by the author and published for money just like you mentioned? Does it draw from some of the worst tropes (according to the spoilers I’ve read) and comes across as something that has been done several times by fanfiction writers? It sure does. But TCC is trying to sell these tropes as something unique and new, while it does what most mainstream male-written stories with tightly set boundaries do: teases with friendships that could be more but never will be because the real world (even if it’s magical) doesn’t work like that. And this, alongside with what you talked about in the article, not only makes TCC something I cannot accept as part of a book series I’ve grown up with, but also hurtful to the fanfiction community because people will keep calling it fanfiction when it never will be one.

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