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Jenna Matlin
May 1, 2018 · 6 min read

Don’t ask about the future. Ask the future about the present you are now inhabiting.

The standard-issue way to read tarot is to ask, in present time, about a future state. Who are we asking? God? The Universe? Something else? Typically we are relying on an Omnipresent intelligence to tell us about a future we do not have access to. “Should I become a writer?” We are asking something all-knowing, who can see all choices and all pathways, to give us a heads-up about a future state.

Tarot is also commonly used to pull apart something that occurred in our past, “Why did X happen to me?” or “Why didn’t I choose Y?” In this instance we might also be relying on our own memory or perception regarding an event. Or we might be relying on an Omnipotent intelligence to uncover aspects of a situation that still remain unclear, like, “Why did Jason really break up with me?”

But why not use tarot to ask Future You about your present state of affairs? I mean, who is more invested than the “you” who will be living out the consequences of your current choices?

Instead of asking God, the Universe, your Guardian Spirit or Angel to guide you to the right cards and message, ask the you of 5 years from now, or 10, or 20.

Do a spread on each of the yous at those instances.

(Trust me, they are super invested in your choices right now.)

For example you can do this, “Should I marry this person?” Then do three separate spreads: one from 5 year ahead you, 10 year ahead you, and 15 year ahead you. What do they each say? How do they guide you?

Alright, I’ll go first. Last year I made a big decision on something and I would like to know what the wiser, more 20:20 version of myself would think about said decision as I move through my own timeline.

What would you like to tell me about the decision I made, Future Me?

Future 5 Years Ahead me said:

Using the Tarot of Delphi (with permission) Future 5 Year Self pulled the Queen of Swords, The High Priestess, and the Knight of Pentacles.

Queen of Swords for me is my 5 Year Future Self (5YFS) saying that I made a decision from an act of preservation. She feels that perhaps I even jumped the gun a little and was harsh in how I enacted my decision, swiftly removing myself without much thought about the consequences. The High Priestess appearing here feels like she is confirming my intuitive reasons for that choice and that they were correct. She also sees that the Knight of Pentacles acknowledges practical realities that I then had to undertake as a result of my decision.

That I got two court cards and a major feels to me like she is supporting the internal changes of who I am now as a person, and also giving me an inkling about the person I am becoming as a result (Knight of Pentacles). I was the Queen of Swords but through the feminine mystery I undertook a change towards the Knight. I went from stable to seeking. The High Priestess is affirming that this change hints to later realities later on.

Future 10 Years Ahead Me said:

Tarot of Delphi

The Siren here is Delphi’s take on the Devil, Hero of Cups for me is the Knight of Cups (Delphi does not have traditional court cards). Here I believe my 10YFS is talking about some guilt or sadness I am still processing as a result of my decision. For me, 5 of Swords speaks to Pyrrhic choices, others hurt in order to save yourself. I am being reminded by my 10YFS here to keep emotions in check and to not allow the Devil’s tendency to skew things away from what is true. She is also telling me to not rush into things, to take my time, to ensure I am being smart. She is reminding me of my strength but also letting me know that there are areas where I might be blind. She is concerned about planting a foundation that is strong by highlighting tempting illusions and paths.

Lastly, here is what 20 Years Ahead Self said:

Tarot of Delphi

When I look at this reading, what I feel my long term future self is saying is that “It will all work out in the end.” That we have the benefit of time and space. It is amazing what can and will change. King of Pentacles (Enchantress of Coins) here really speaks to the financial and practical mastery I will have achieved by then (as opposed to the Knight of Pentacles 5 Years Ahead me was talking about). The wisest version of myself includes what feels like reminders: about being generous to others and to seek joy as part of enjoying a life worth living rather than a life spent gnashing over decisions, consequences, and seeking out the perfect life. 20 years from now I will be 60, it feels good to me to think that my 60 year old self is actually pretty okay, in fact perhaps sanguine, about my decision.

So that is it. Since I am pretty opinionated and like to give people advice, it is not surprising to me that my future selves do not hesitate to tell me exactly what they feel I should know. It is an interesting take on the standard ol’ way to read tarot cards and I encourage you to try it.

What do you think the you 10 years from now wants to say about your life seeing as how she is living the consequences of your current decisions?

Stay tuned as I will write about using tarot for Future Life Progression (vs popular past life regression). Who are the future people you will become?

Sounds crazy, right? But here is the thing, the Arrow of Time is a perception of time. It isn’t actually how time works.

This means that we can use tarot as a ‘wormhole’ of sorts from both the future and past states. And using the tarot as wormhole means we can pretty much ignore standard physics. How fun is that?

Jenna Matlin

Written by

I read tarot for wayfarers looking for good love, a purposeful life, and a vibrant relationship with the Universe.

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