Not your average creepy old guy

Donald Trump belongs to the generation before mine and after my parents. The men who were raised by the men who inspired “Mad Men” and inspired their wives and daughters to start the women’s liberation movement. The men who my friends and I have encountered for most of our lives as the creepy old guy.

You know, the one that insists you must be your son’s sister, not his mother or the one that who thinks he is flattering you by referring to you as a “Playmate”. Is it offensive? Mildly. But 80% of these men usually stop at harmless remarks or amend their behavior once you point out how sexist their words were. They respect their wives and daughters, but certain behaviors are ingrained and need to be reined in.

However, Donald Trump is not your average creepy old guy. His 2005 conversation with Billy Bush is not just words or just guy talk. Trump thinks that because he is famous, because he has power, he is allowed to take whatever he wants from a woman. He thinks they want it because that is what he wants to believe.

And what makes him truly dangerous is that there are young men out there who share the same sense of entitlement to a woman’s body. It is not about their power and fame, it is about taking advantage of a woman’s lack of power or consciousness.

As women, it is our job to raise decent young men who respect women. It is our job to keep all of the men in our life aware of what is means to respect women. And it is our job to keep Donald Trump, who respects no one but himself, out of the White House.

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