Entrepreneurship Motivation from a 5 year old

On a typical afternoon in summertime Chicago on 72nd a few blocks shy of the lakefront, is one of the cutest cafes on the southeast side. It’s called Give Me Some Sugah and one of its most valued employees is a curious 5 year old who know the power of questions.

At this month’s Queens Brunch, I got to see the power of #blackgirlmagic through the eyes of a little miss queen-in-training (Q.I.T.). I walk in Give Me Some Sugah, ready for the day, and she approached. Her mom works at the restaurant and we’re cool cause on top of being adorable, she has great customer service skills. My mom has even tried to teach her double digit mathematics casually over lunch. She sees me setting up for brunch and the questions start. “Are you working here today?” and “What’s going to happen?” I explain that I am putting on an event for ladies who own businesses. She asks about everything from my outfit to my business cards to my new banner.

I really bask in the few minutes I take to explain what I’m doing. I look at her and see a mirror. I had similar, defining experiences as a child of an entrepreneur and we have matching afros. But how do I even begin to explain entrepreneurship to a 5 year old?

Teflon Tiff, our event photographer, was great about feeding her curiosity. . With a smile that lights up a room and the patience of a mom raising her own little diva, she talked about her camera and explained that she will be taking photos. She knew exactly how to handle the inquiries.

The Lab3l, the DJ duo featured at this month’s brunch, were very patient in explaining their passion. These two lovely ladies show how friendship and love of music can drive new sounds and a feminine feel to the Chicago event scene. As they haul in speakers and fill the room with the perfect mix of soul and turn-up, they engage our Q.I.T. who has just changed careers from waitressing to a day time news reporter. They definitely provided exposure to the possibilities when it comes to charting your own path.

That afternoon there were many paths to explore. In walks an Operations Manager from Seaway Bank. Publishers. Event planners. Fashion Designers. A Hair Texture Expert. Financial Advisor. Startup Founders. Women in Sales. Legal Advisors. Consultants. Quality Associates. The Founder of South Shore Current and Real Men Cook. In green, and red, and pink.

I mean, I’m not 5 and I was in awe. Our queen-in-training is escorted to another area and we do brunch. We talk about the state of our community. Starting collective brick and mortar shops. Finances. The lack thereof. And we eat. Spinach Lasagna, salad, and Iced tea made. All made with love by Miss Lindsey.

I am actually in awe at every brunch. I get to meet really amazing women working doing amazing things. Queens has taken on a life of its own since its inception earlier this year. And I can only have gratitude for this organic growth.

The brunch went well, the feedback positive, but there is more work to be done to make the customer experience exceptional. My interaction with little miss has me motivated and my wheels are turning. If you’ve read this far do me a favor and take the poll below:

Queens Brunch for Women | January 28th at 1 pm | Chef Sara’s Cafe

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