Great Girlfriends Podcast: Digital Mentors

This concept of mentorship has been at the forefront of life lately. Balancing a growing business and a demanding, full-time job with the other parts of life (family, love, time) is challenging. During my most recent speaking engagement for Voxx Live, an event series in Chicago focused on amplifying the voices of women, a millenial in the audience asked about finding mentors. The woman was around my age and the conversation triggered by her question gave me perspective on nontraditional channels for mentorship.

Great Girlfriends was passed down to me by life coach and founder of Life Under Innovation, Tanisha Drummer. It is a podcast hosted by Brandice Daniel and Sybil Amuti, mompreneurs and sister friends who openly share the keys. I have adopted them as my digital mentors in my entrepreneurship journey with a lens on all things life including confidence, service, love, and finance. I’ve included some of my favorite episodes with a little anecdote about what I’ve learned below. It is very much worth a listen.

Ep 67: It’s All About Perspective In retrospect, this episode helped me to look was the start of me looking at mentorship in a different way. For me my dream mentor would be a local, available fly boss woman who could take me under her wing. I imagined lunch at a cute, posh place in the Chicago loop and a regular sounding board. I quickly learned that 1) fly boss women are not always available and 2) the solutions to the problems I faced, I had the tools to deal with on my own. I am still surprised how far prayer, books, and listening will take me. I learned to accept guidance from those who had the wisdom, including Great Girlfriends. My fly boss woman is available. All I needed was earbuds during weekly business trips and Saturday cleaning rituals.

Ep 70 What’s Holding You Back: Entrepreneurship is a life journey in the same way that it is a business journey. This episode opened my eyes to the role I was playing in holding myself back. Overcoming mental models and embracing new environment has skyrocketed my personal growth.

Ep 71: Sit Your Butt Down and Rest The conversation about rest is one I have to come back to a lot. I remember talking with a great girlfriend about her feeling overwhelmed and on the spot I sent her this podcast. Sometimes we have to sit down somewhere and give ourselves the space for clarity.

Through the Great Girlfriends, I have big sisters who hand me the keys when I need them. I have not met them, but I listened, did the work and started to grow. With me and me first. Then, by the glory, I am slowly building a network of great women who have my back in person, over conference call, on the internets, and yes, via podcast.

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