It’s OK to Drop the Damn Ball

Warning: This post is a flow of my thoughts. Will update as I go. Call it prose.

What do I need more of in my life?


To trust others.

To say no.

Focus more on the right things so I can enjoy my free time.

To be OK with imperfection.

Laundry. Check. Meal Prep. Check. Workout. Nope. Meditation. Forgot.

Bills. Always.

That new strategic project proposal. Working on it, but scared as hell.

Writing articles.

Monthly newsletter. Weekly newsletter?

Instagram Post. 3x a day.


Loved ones. Unplanned drama.




The daily list is required for a disciplined life. Every item on the list is essential. Or is it? The busy, overbooked schedule and to-do list. Is this what ambition is supposed to be?

“Planning is everything but planning is worthless.” — Eisenhower

Fast Forward One Week.

I am laying in bed. My hair has no moisture left. I’ve spent the last week driving toward the goal, travelling, attempting to prioritize, wrapping my head around a revamped social media strategy, and daydreaming about all things #girlboss. Progress was made, I think. Thanks to the Most High that I have help cleaning my house, doing my hair, and ordering groceries online (if you can delegate, do it). I am giving myself permission to drop the ball and seek help as I focus on creating the life I want. After listening to the Great Girlfriends podcast with Tiffany Dufu last February I’ve done some serious edits to embrace imperfection. Listen here to part 1 and part 2.

Check out Tiffany Dufu here.

After checking out Dropping the Ball, I have accepted that I can “not let perfect be the enemy of the good.”

Am I putting that pressure on myself to be super woman? Yes.

Should I be? Hell no. Consider the ball dropped.

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