How I came up with the name ‘Queen’ for brunch…

My mother’s name is Queen. And she is an entrepreneur. I grew up in a store front on the corner of North Ave and Latrobe in Chicago. I was your resident candy lady, Italian ice provider, cashier, electrical engineer, DOS coder….

North Ave & Latrobe

Q’s Beeper Boutique started with a $5000 micro-loan from the Women’s Self Employment Project (WSEP). WSEP’s support resulted in a business that thrived for 10 years and a group of women who still greet each other with warm embraces at the annual Kwanzaa event. I have “aunts”, “uncles”, “cousins”, and a lifetime of day one supporters who all came from relationships that started with my mother’s entrepreneurial journey. I truly believe that business is about something much deeper than transactions, product development, user experience, and customer data.

Queen’s Brunch is my opportunity to give back. I know the pressure of staying relevant in a global and fast-paced economy. I understand that it takes training, resources (yes, money), and mentorship to be successful. My starting place is support. I just want to build a community that results in stronger networks, better business practices, and higher bottom lines. Across industries. And platforms. And backgrounds. You have a new idea you want to validate? You want to ask someone who knows if option a or b works better? You need a group of women where you can talk about Beyonce, Bethenny’s interesting but backwards comments, that bomb new hair elixir you made from scratch, and revenue models interchangeably? A group of women who can keep it real and friendly is proven to be impactful. It does not matter where you are in your journey, that’s what the Queen’s Brunch is about.

Maci Peterson

If anyone knows me, they know I’m passionate about three things 1) Economic Development 2) My community 3) Quantitative Reasoning to support conclusions. This community will be a little mix of all 3. I am open to feedback and ready to be flexible to the needs of the group. Let’s do brunch. I look forward to meeting you all.

If anyone has any questions as to why our kings are not yet invited, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at Tickets for attendees and exhibitors can be purchased on Eventbrite at the link here.

Queens Brunch for Women | January 28th at 1 pm | Chef Sara’s Cafe

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