The Lab3L: Chicago’s Up & Coming Lady DJ Duo

…with Basia Braboy and Asia Ashley

Shayna Atkins
Aug 9, 2016 · 3 min read

A lot of people don’t understand how two ladies from Chicago can co-DJ event after event, but it’s a trust thing for them. The DJ duo accepts the challenge of making one sound and having fun. If you have a chance, listen to the audio recording, you’ll get the connection. They practically finish each other’s sentences. And this is only the “baby level” for them….

I really enjoyed these ladies and their interview, and now I have a playlist for all this computer hustle. **Puts in headphones and turns on Gucci***

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Why do you think it’s important to diversify the music space with women DJ’s?

  • Asia: We believe that representation is extremely important. The perception can sometimes be that DJing is a male dominated field. There are not a lot of women DJ’s, but women have great taste in music and know what women want to hear.
  • Basia: Yes, Spinderella
  • Asia: Women can do anything men can do at this point, so there is no point in questioning it.

How do you build your skills? How do you stay up on the latest mixes/ tracks?

  • Basia: I listen to the radio more, but I also use apps like Apple Music Hot Tracks and MixCloud (Soul Sessions). We want to DJ all types of music, so apps help to expose you to different types of music.
  • Asia: Going to events too
  • Basia: Yeah, that helps.
Photo taken at July Queens Brunch. More info here

What part of your personal brand fuels your success?

  • Basia: Well honestly, I don’t want to sound cliché, but being a female helps part of our success and being from Chicago. Chicago is a big melting pot when it comes to music. One of our main goals is to incorporate Chicago artists in our DJ sets when we DJ.
  • Asia: Everything you said honestly was perfect. From a business perspective, my background in social media marketing and PR. Now everything I learned, I want to apply. I am constantly thinking above and beyond.

Bonus Question: What are some of your go to tracks to play?

Asia: In my mind I have to always play some sort of reggae joint. Like a Beenie Man. But at this moment right now, that Chance joint….

Basia: It is interesting to see who asks to hear No problems. You can just see how Chance unites a lot of different people. Another go to track would probably be Future, March Madness

Asia: You got your go- to artists Drake, Future, Rihanna, and some Ye. And the new guys Lil’ Uzi

Basia: Yeah, off Broccoli

Asia: I aint gone lie, that may be the go-to track. Oh yeah and Gucci

Basia: Yeah, Gucci resonates across different age groups too

Asia: We really feed off the crowd. We watch the crowd. I’ll never forget the day we played Search Party by Sam Bruno. When you start playing songs that are sonic-ally different, then you are doing something right and you got the key.

This interview was edited to fit written form. For full audio interview click here

Queens Brunch for Women | January 28th at 1 pm | Chef Sara’s Cafe

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