Written by Customer Engagement Intern, Jenny Matusova

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Natasha Matusova is currently a senior customer engineer for Google Cloud. She has launched and led groundbreaking teams and has created innovative solutions that have impacted over $200 million in revenue. She has been with Google for 8+ years.

Jenny: Natasha, I know you have been with Google for 8+ years now, and you’ve worked in multiple areas of marketing and account management. Now you’re a senior customer engineer in Cloud — a big step up from the rest. (Congratulations on the recent promotion, by the way.) Here at AtkCo, we focus on helping businesses stay ahead of digital disruption, and in terms of Cloud services, you are at the forefront. …

An Interview with Nicole Wood

Written By Customer Engagement Intern, Jenny Matusova

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Nicole Wood is CEO and founder of Ama La Vida, a company that provides, career, life, and leadership coaching. Her mission is to help people and businesses become the best versions of themselves and along the way craft their versions of success. You can visit Ama La Vida here.
I had the privilege of sitting down with Nicole today to speak about her leadership values, what she’s listening to, and what she plans on speaking about at the InnovateHER summit for women executives. Find out more about InnovateHER here.

Jenny: Nicole, I know you’re CEO of Ama La Vida, a company that coaches businesses to aid in their growth process. Your company also focuses on the individual by helping strengthen leadership skills. Could you elaborate on what it means for you to be a purpose-driven leader?

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AtkCo’s Internship Program 2019

Starting in June, AtkCo has welcomed 3 wonderful interns for this summer. They are Emily, Praise, and Jenny. Let us know more about them through this interview.

Tell us about yourself! What is your major? What school do you attend? What do you like to do in your free time?

E: I am Emily, a rising senior at Rice University, majoring in Mathematical Economic Analysis. I love watching different kinds of movies and hitting the gym in my free time. I’m also very passionate about traveling around the world.

P: I’m an English Studies major from the University of Port Harcourt. I switched careers to User Experience Design with a focus on User Research. I’m always inquisitive and love doing lots of research on everything interesting in my free time. …

Written by Product Management Intern: Praise Onyehanere

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The world’s largest hotel chain, Airbnb owns no hotel, the world’s largest taxi company owns no cars, the world’s largest media company facebook creates no content and the world’s largest retail company, Alibaba creates no inventory.

Digital disruption is coming to companies and industries overnight. Preparing for the unknown is important. Either by choice or circumstance, every career gets disrupted.

Disruption isn’t about what happens to you but it is about how you respond to what happens to you, hence the reason why you need to prepare now. So we have different waves.

How do you stay ahead?

Learn from disruptors: Take a look at businesses in the same niche with you and master their business process. Understand their strategy and predictions for the future. …

Written by Customer Engagement Intern: Jenny Matusova

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Let’s admit this to ourselves right now: finding an internship is TOUGH. Not only is the search tough, but building a resume and even the act of joining LinkedIn induces a sense of anxiety in most of us. Often times you’re applying for a position that hundreds of other people have already applied for, and it can feel overwhelming to try to make yourself sound more unique and valuable to a company. The truth is there is no easy answer as to how you can achieve this, and different people will give you different advice. That’s why I’m not really here to give you advice. Inspired by our founder’s recent visit to National Louis University sharing her insights on careers in tech with University students, I highlight in this article the important tools I’ve learned from my internship at AtkCo, Inc. …

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by Shayna Atkins, July 2019

In the modern business world, many leaders emphasize the importance of being “agile.” Agile is a type of business practice that works in iterative cycles. That means we don’t take months to complete any part of building a project. Instead, using weekly or biweekly “sprints”, we work on various features of a product in efforts to create an MVP that undergoes constant refinement through more iterative cycles. This management style requires a leader to be flexible, adaptable, and fast in their decision-making. How do leaders incorporate agile into their management? …

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Coaching digital transformations in a world where emerging technology rules the day is no easy feat. Many companies are seeing an opportunity to transform their organizations to be more nimble and responsive to the market. The truth takes a little bit of effort in many foundational areas to achieve this. In the world of business, technology drives customer expectations. How do organizations address the various technology functions that allow them to achieve responsiveness as they build products customers love? I reached out to Enterprise Architect Marc Bloom of Virginia Credit Union to talk about one aspect.

SHAYNA: Marc, in the modern business world, many leaders emphasize the importance of being “agile.” Borrowed from the software world’s concept of agile development, this management style requires a leader to be flexible, adaptable, and fast in their decision-making. What does agility mean to you?

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I eat real food all the time.

My body looks as good as my mind.

My mind is as sharp as my body.

I am a sane, balanced, whole, spiritual human.

I can contribute to developing upskilled, diverse tech leadership supporting the workforce of the future.

Spreading and absorbing business information at the same rate as a viral Kim K. selfie.

Honoring all women who work hard, express gratitude, and grow.

Strengthen my relationship with a higher power.

There are more woman on boards.

Companies like my own employ colorful, qualified people.

Women feel empowered to go out there, get theirs, and change the world.

Why I prioritize my life like a multi-billion dollar product company and you can too

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Yes, I gave you the Cookie Lyon finger

I used to love to-do lists. I have reams of lists written in notebooks with something inspirational on the cover like ‘Don’t forget your day dreams’ or ‘Queens make dreams happen’. I put checkboxes on the left, I color-coded, I relished in getting my thoughts and ideas organized. It is completely true that writing things down and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is impactful. In an article written by Kaya Ismail he highlights how writing things down does improve memory. In 2014, the Association of Psychological Science reported that students who physically took notes received a memory boost — particularly when compared to those who took notes via a laptop. As a product development professional, I believe we have to take this a step further. The truth is that without perspective on the prioritization of any given item on a list, we waste a lot of time attempting to do it all. …

Journal 003: How do I handle my mistakes?

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Photo from @Unsplash by @sherryzhu

During an ideal week, I schedule a breakdown. This is as near to perfection as my best self can measure. I’ve been doing it for at least 10 years. This is no small ordeal. There is comfy clothing. There are tears. There is wine (except during dry January). It’s just me and me coming to terms with whatever I am feeling. In college, it was on Thursday evenings. I cried during every episode of #GreysAnatomy.

During a hectic week, I forget to make time for my breakdown. There have been many hectic weeks lately. Prior to this weekend, I haven’t experienced the relief that comes with letting myself go in months. This weekend, I put my foot down. …


Shayna Atkins

Transformation, Product, & Design Expert advising organizations on use system thinking at scale. Featuring women’s community, http://innovatehersummit.com/. #UX

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