Beach Boss

I couldn’t believe it when I won. Third quarter sales are usually my worst, but I guess the Gods were on my side. The fifth annual Brightech Vacation Tournament was a dream come true! A newer dream, as I had only been at the company for three years, but a dream none the less. Chelsea had been excited when I told her the news, too. Unfortunately for her, she couldn’t take any time away from school. Becoming a veterinarian was a lot of work and she couldn’t fit her schedule around the flight. We had meet in undergrad both studying Animal Sciences; her good grades and aptitude lead to an advancement into Vet school. I worked odd jobs on farms until I caved into working for a sales firm. I enjoyed the farm work, but money began to get tight. My dream was to use all the knowledge gained in undergrad and put it to good use; i.e. Vet school. But life is tough so when I couldn’t get in after three separate tries I figured I could give sales a try.

I liked Brightech. Good benefits, nice people, casual atmosphere, and I was able to move back to the city near Chelsea. I bike to work, make a comfortable salary, and I just won a trip to an all inclusive resort on the Mexican coast! Life is to good to complain, if only Chelsea could come along. I decided to invite Mitchel. Mitchel was runner up for the contest, so I thought it would be a kind thing to do. We had started at Brightech around the same time and were friendly rivals. Mitchel was charming and slightly flamboyant. He had been on the gymnastic team in college and still had the body. He was just over 5’8”: Dark hair and tan skin. His arm and leg muscles bulged in his business casual. He told me that if he had been more aggressive in flirting with his male clients, he could have won the contest twice over.

What I lacked in gay charm, I made up for with my wholesome style. I took pride in the company’s software products as if they were my own. A piece of me. My cock for example. It sounds cliche, but I took pride in my cock and my sexual prowess and in turn I treated each sales pitch like I was trying to fuck the company: my member being the software.

I would begin by talking about how amazing my cock, ‘the software’, is, no time to be modest.

“‘The software’ is the best there is. Best all around. It would fit in great here. It is a hard worker and gets things done. It works well with everyone and is always on its best behavior. If you have any problem with it, I’ll come right down here and put it in its place. You would be wise to accept it; it plans on looking at your competitors soon, but not if you act fast. I can guarantee it will not be visiting any other places.”

I would follow that up by complementing the business:

“I always wanted to see ‘the software’ in a place like this. You really have a good thing going on here! This place is amazing, makes me want to leave a resume so I could spend more time here. I had heard good things in the past, but now I can see that it’s all true.”

If none of that was working, as a last ditch effort I would unbutton my collar, roll up my sleeves, and bring out the charm. This worked for guys and gals, a handsome guy like me could get it either way. I had the homegrown demeanour. I would sit across from them, tell them I understand that they weren’t interested, and then just bullshit with them for a half hour. On my way out, I could bend over to pick up my things, and nine times out of ten I would have a voice message back at the office accepting the original offer. I had short blond hair, tan skin, a tight farmboy’s build, and a wide smile. I guess people could picture themselves with me.

Mitchel and I had planned to meet up after work to have some drinks and plan for the trip. I picked Charity Bar. The happy hour specials were great, and I had a crush on one of the bartenders. Being in a relationship had its ups and downs, but my own philosophy was that humans are too great of a creature to only share their love with one other person. I never shared this notion with Chelsea, and I never plan to. I enjoyed the stability of a relationship, and the stability of consistent sex, but I always figured I deserved more. We all deserve more. I got to the bar before Mitchel and pick a spot near the window. My eyes met Crystal’s, the bartender. That’s the name I had given her. She had a punk vibe; tattoos and high black boots and high black shorts. I nodded my head and she smiled.

I saw Mitchel enter. He looked tired. He sat down beside me instead of across from me. I didn’t mind. “You just get here? I didn’t even see you leave the office.”

“I snuck out.” I said and winked at him.

“I’ll go get us some drinks. I brought a legal pad so we can plan the week.” said Mitchel. I have to admit Mitchel looked good. I wasn’t the only one who noticed. As he went up to the bar, three or four heads turned. Almost a fifth of the patrons. Lucky me, in the presence of royalty.

Mitchel came back with a drink in each hand and a smile from ear to ear.

“The bartender said we make a cute couple.” Mitchel said. He was laughing and he gave me a kiss on the cheek as he put…

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