Dressing is not only about appearance

Why you shouldn’t be lazy about how you dress

As a software engineer, sometimes tagged as a “geek”, I heard many times that I don’t look like a software engineer or that that “kind of people” dresses badly, doesn’t look good, …
And I am not here to confirm this or judge how people dress, I am there to talk about why you should care about how you dress. My opinion is no matter what you choose to wear, this needs to be motivated, interested.

This will affect people first impression about you

People, including me, tends to build a first impression on other persons they meet and this first impression is based on the first talks, physical appearance and clothing.

Dressing is an easy way to influence a bit someone before they even knows you, choosing carefully what you want to express about your personality will help you getting surrounded by the people you are interested in.

It is also about confidence and mindset

When you dress in the morning, if you do care about what you wear, you will think about your day and choose the according ones. It will set you in your day mindset as you dress.

During workdays, when I dress, I think about what I am gonna do today, if I have meetings or not, who I am gonna meet during the meeting, which impression I want to send to people when I arrive at the office and I say ‘Hi’. I arrive prepared for my day, I feel more confident and clear about my goals for the day.

Buy clothes too expensive for you that you absolutely love

That one is not from me and it has been spoiled from this absolutely great article: 50 Ways I Want to Live my Life

Let me reword what he said and what I like about that. If you buy clothes that cost much than what you are comfortable spending chances are that you will take care of them, you will probably do more to wash them correctly, not damaging them and so they will look good and last longer. You don’t need to have 50 t-shirt, 10 really good ones are enough and you will appreciate to wear them. Not to mention that it will probably be a better quality.

If you have a bigger budget for a single item (you can keep your general budget as usual, that just mean less items), you will have a bigger range of choice, you will be able to choose some cloth that fits better to you.

I was actually not interested about clothing at all during my childhood and my interest started when my cousin offered me a super cool dress shirt after high school. I’ve now reduced my wardrobe to a few items that I absolutely love and it makes me much more happy.

Not to mention that it was much much easier to bring my wardrobe when I spent a year in Australia :D

Hey guys, thanks for reading this, this is my first article in here and I aim to write around 10 articles in the next 2 weeks to improve my writing skills and my english as well.
I will appreciate every single comment and critics if you have anything to say.

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