To my fellow recruiters, don’t recruit me, date me

Disclaimer: I am obviously not expecting any recruiter to try to be my girlfriend/boyfriend, this is about how you can approach me.

With Linkedin, and probably with any other professional networks, comes a new recruitment process and model, sometimes you no longer have to look for a job, even if you already have one, you can have a recruiter (and by recruiter I mean every one offering me a job) that comes to you to talk about their project, their ambition and why your profile interest them.
And this is perfectly fine, I actually love it, it is good to see what your value is, which of your skills interest people, and even when I am not looking to leave my job, I like to talk with recruiters.

I will talk here about my experience, about the different way people approach me, the ones I respond to, the ones I don’t, and why.

Linkedin relations are going both ways

When you connect with someone, this is to share something or because you already share something, but this is an exchange between people, this is not going exclusively one way or the other.

So when you come to me and say : “Hi Quentin, I saw your profile, I liked it, I think there is a job where you could fit, call me here 06……….”, sorry my new linkedin friend but there is no chance I will call you, especially when it is written on my profile that I already have a job and I am not looking for a new one. I don’t need Linkedin for that, I can just find your phone number on your website if I need it.

In life, when you meet someone you are not going to say first : “Hey I like your face, here is my number, be my friend”, no, you talk with the person first, you ask that person about her life, what that person likes, what that person doesn’t like and you see then if there is something in common, something that would make both of you appreciate each other. Why wouldn’t be the same on Linkedin ?

I like to feel being treated as a human and not just as a resume

I don’t have a resume anyway

Don’t tell me that you don’t have time, if you want me to call, there is someone that will answer my call and take the same time on the phone rather than on Linkedin.

Instead talk a little bit about you, and about me, you don’t have to give me the salary straight away, the client name if it is confidential, I understand that, but you can give me some hints : the technologies, the company size, the mission, the responsibility I will have.

You might also ask me about my previous experience, what do I like, what would I be looking for, what would be the perfect role for me.

And then, we can BOTH judge if there is something to do, if it is worth to have a call, a skype, a meeting. Because we will feel like we understand each other, we correctly identified everyone needs and we think we can satisfy them.

The perfect scenario

The relation I value the most on Linkedin, the one I always respond to, the only way to recruit me is when the conversation starts like :
“Hi Quentin, I saw your profile and I would like to know if there is any chance you would be interested in a new position ? We are looking for someone to do that, with those skills, is that something you can do ? What are you looking for ?”

Here, I feel like being Quentin, I feel like I talk to a human and not a bot, maybe I will like the offer, maybe I will not, but at least I will read your message and answer.

My fellow recruiter, the conversation hasn’t started but I already like you, I already looked at your profile and company and I will do my best to assist you in your epic journey of recruiting a new software developer, I understand how hard it can be for you sometimes.