Nordstrom Inc. is not going private anytime soon. The Nordstrom family, which owns roughly one third of the shares, states that they will be resuming the process to go private after the holiday shopping season. This wait might prove to be beneficial if they can show good financial results from the holiday season. These results in turn may lead to better debt terms since the attempt by private equity firm Leonard Green & Partners was unsuccessful. However, if they have less than stellar performance, which I believe they will, I do not see this deal happening anytime soon. I would love to be wrong but the retail industry has been battling to survive against e-commerce and investors see this vulnerability. Especially, since Toys “R” Us Inc. filed for bankruptcy in September after struggling to improve business operations since they were cash strapped due to an effort to pay back the $5 billion in debt they received from a leveraged buyout in 2005.