How I Used Instagram to Travel the World.

Follow the travelers, they’ll show you where to go!

2014 was, for me, a year of travel. I hit the road with a friend and had the chance to do a worldtour: I visited 12 countries.
When I started to plan this trip I had a few ideas of where to go. But I noticed that my choices were actually not entirely natural.

For the past 2 years, I’ve have been using Instagram a lot to share pictures but mainly to discover.

What profiles did I suscribed to? Yes, you guessed it, travelers.
Hear me out, it wasn’t planned, I just suscribed naturally, weeks after weeks, to all these people: world travelers, city explorers, curious photographers…

And, just like this, my timeline was full of new places to discover…

My itinerary was mostly planned with places I discovered digitally and that I was eager to see by myself. So I did it.

Most of the time when I arrived in a country I had no idea what to visit or what to see. That’s why I went back on Instagram to do something new for me on the app and get inspiration.

The process was quite simple:
1. Get to a city
2. Open Instagram & explore the # name of this city
3. Find places and lost myself there
4. Move my ass outside
5. Enjoy

It was now my turn to share my discoveries!

Instagram could be used for a thousands reasons, I found mine. I use it to travel, whether I’m on the road or at my flat kitchen table, the app opened on my phone!

You can find me on Instagram here and see the pictures of this worldtour.