Evolution of SCRIV Volume

Quentin Moreau
Aug 27, 2018 · 2 min read

To date, the SCRIV Network is passing Block 464210 and proves once again its exemplary involvement in the crypto sphere. Combining its ability to manage data and secure data, they are developing more and more, displaying to each new user, a stable and profitable structure as well as a current and attentive community that is constantly good development of its blockchain technology.

With SCRIV’s total offering of 150,000,000 units, the network has now reached approximately 38,334,700 SCRIVs, which represents almost ¼ of the total announced by the team and reported on the white booklet and the road map. of the project.

Remains 111 million units that the network will generate in the future, as is the custom, revealed by the POW and the Masternodes, at the rate of a reward of 32 SCRIV per block divided in 70/30%, respectively to the miners and owner of master node. These data should remain in place by the time of the arrival of a governance system, giving a new dimension of action to all users of the network.

By volume of exchange, we clearly distinguish a larger volume at GRAVIEX, the first customer of SCRIV Network which holds 97% of the global trading volume, ie approximately € 3,000 in capitalization per 24-hour period on the exchange. from him the main platform consulted if you want to get SCRIV and you too take part in the promising project and masternodes.

Recently, CREX24, which lists the coin, slowly but surely builds the rest of the volume allowing the diversification and the good stock market evolution of the SCRIV. BARTEX for its part, but whose platform is improving in order to get more favors from its users, keeps an impressive list of wedges and promises to improve its decentralized platform.

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