It’s been 8 months since I last posted about the Roblox devforum. While discussion has improved in volume, post quality hasn’t improved in quality. Although I’m a member of the post approval team, I’m posting this as a user of the forum. This post does not represent the official views of Roblox. I’ve realized that post approval is significantly hurting the quality of the devforum — not helping it.

Note: I assume you’re familiar with the Roblox devforum.

To keep Roblox accessible, the devforum most grow. I do not believe that post approval is the way forward. I have concluded…

luacheck is quite useful

If you’ve installed luacheck as a .exe and you need vscode-luacheck to work you’re currently going to need to implement a workaround. This appears to be a common issue I’ve seen with people using vscode and luacheck.

If the error you’re seeing is “Please install luacheck or check luacheck.path” you’re seeing, this tutorial is here to help!

I have a love-hate relationship with the Roblox developer’s forum. Mostly it’s turned into a certain level of apathy recently. Here’s the issue with the Roblox developer forum in one screenshot.

A screenshot of the Roblox Developer forum on a 1080p screen…

See that? There’s nothing interesting here. I mean, there is interesting stuff, but there’s no real discussion. No place to be able to learn from other people’s opinions or weigh in.

A forum is a place of discussion. There’s a real lack of development discussion on Roblox’s forum. And that’s my problem.

The first 17 posts are taken up by public announcements. That’s 50% of my screen. These are…

The Maid class on Roblox is a useful class that I use to help manage state, especially in regards to signals or events. Be warned: This is a fairly technical article!

Maids are basically just syntactic sugar on handling connections and other clean up tasks in a way that allows you to store functions and connections in a container. It provides an interface for objects to clean themselves up properly.
~ GollyGreg, developer of QClash and a lot of other neat

Maids are really useful!

I use Maid extensively in Jailbreak. It vastly simplifies the cleaning up of events/objects, and…

Hi. This is going through the process of setting up Rojo with Git and what I had to install. This is for advance Roblox development that enables the use of Git. This tutorial assumes you have familiarity with:

  1. Git
  2. Lua
  3. Roblox Studio and Plugins
  4. PowerShell and command lines
  5. Sublime Text 3
  6. Windows 10

This tutorial is intended for advance Roblox developers. It’s provided as a tutorial, and not as an argument for why you should do this. In fact, this tutorial might sell you on not setting up this.

Hopefully this guide will help you on setting up this process.

Installing Git for Windows

This article was originally published in THEM magazines.

Roblox Development Script Architecture

Good scripting won’t make a good game. But it can help you iterate faster, save yourself headaches, and make your game less buggy.

There are two basic ways to setup your scripts on Roblox. I’m not sure if most new Roblox developers are aware of how most games are setup. There are two setups, multi-script architecture, which most scripters start out with, and single script architecture, which most games on the front page use.

Today I’m going to talk about why it’s preferential to use a single script to load things, a…

I recently ran once again into an old Roblox development issue. I was working on some icons for a UI overhaul, but they looked really bad on Roblox. There were weird fuzzy outlines on them, and they weren’t very sharp.

This article is going to look how you can fix bad looking outlines in image icons and make your icons look sharp.

Before vs. after

Why it happens

When you upload an image to Roblox and stick it in your game you sometimes see a black or white outline around your image when it scales. This is due to bilinear interpolation. …

Roblox wants to save on calculating physics on every player’s machine. Instead, it calculates physics on one player’s machine.

Network ownership refers to the player that is simulating a part’s physics. For example, if Player1 has network ownership over their character (all physics simulations of their own character is done on their own machine).

Programmers can set network ownership through SetNetworkOwner() API. Furthermore, the server can own network ownership.

Roblox physics network ownership being weird
Things working out nicer in 2013

This has several implications

  • Players who own network physics of a rig see the least amount of lag (things are 60 FPS)
  • Players…

Hello there ROBLOXians. Recently wood reviewer has been putting creations on ROBLOX under the microscope in search of woodgrain errors.

I say, it is time to put the wood reviewer under review.

Today we will review Woodgrain Reviewer’s own creation, one of only 6, a “fix” for my own wooden model crate, which he recently reviewed.

Woodgrain Reviewer recently took to kindly “fixing” my model, although it seems that although Wood Reviewer here fixed a majority of the issues, they actually did not fix all of them.

7/10, would maybe recommend

Well — 5/6 — 83% correct wood grain is a pretty good first…

I used this common application essay on my applications to colleges. Personal information has been modified.

Common application prompt #1

Some students have a background or story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.

Never Work Alone

The first night of summer, the sky swelled with clouds, thunder booming ominously. Raindrops burst from the heavens, buffeted by wind. Waves of water lifted my handcrafted raft, a ramshackle collection of shelves and crates. Suddenly, everything froze. …

James Onnen (Quenty)

I’m a maker. Designing and creating new things with people is my hobby. Former intern @Microsoft, @Roblox, @Garmin. Roblox Toy. Raikes 2019.

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