There is a Genesis to the treatment of black men in America,because there is an inherent fear of black men since we were bought to the shores of Virginia for slave labor.I will not harp on the effects of slavery dating back to 1619 when Dutch slave traders bought the first slaves from Africa to Jamestown Virginia,although there’s clearly a connection which is clear and present: Black People Were Bought To America To Serve.As slaves,subhuman,pieces of property and in many instances almost 400 years later (395 to be exact) many people still regard black people in a similar manner 400 years later ‘Why Is That?’ There is no doubt that ‘The System’ was not set up for black people in America to be an equal.The 15th Amendment read “All men are equal” but the black man in America according to the U.S. Constitution was considered 3/5 a man.Actually black people could not vote without being blocked,terrorized even killed until the Voters Rights Act of 1965.In 2014 America before we can blame ‘The System’ the government or the ‘Enemy’ we must first look to the real problem…… Ourselves.

The commonsense answers to all the problems that plague black America can be answered within ourselves.For example,can you honestly look in the mirror and say “I’m a better man than my grandfather.” Not do you have more money or more power but are you more whole morally and spiritually than your forefathers? Are you the man or woman your grandparents hoped you would be? We’re watching our morals,ethics and dignities die right before our eyes.We so wants assimilate with the Slave Masters to be like them,to have what they have,to do what they do. We’ve sold our souls and have become morally corrupt,spiritually bankrupt and are as dead as they are.They’ve dangled distractions in our faces for centuries and like rats we’ve collectively taken the bait.

The 1st TRAP was DIVISION: That’s the House Negro and Field Negro theory.The Field Negro wanted freedom where as the House Negro wanted to be like the Slave Master.If you can divide a people you can control the people.

2nd Trap: CONTROL THE MIND’ : One of the first steps to enslave a people is strip them of their language,religion and culture.Control the mind,Control the body.How can you function as a dignified people if you have no knowledge of yourself and who you are?

3rd TRAP: ‘DRUGS and ALCOHOL’ : Drugs were legal in America and used as common elixirs (pre-slavery) Cocaine was even used as a ‘Pick Me Up’ tonic (see Coca-Cola) a cold remedy.The governments ban on drugs and is ensuing propaganda came about because they didn’t believe they could properly control the black slaves while on these elixirs.Today the same power structure dangles the same drugs to Black folk….. and what do we do? Pick it up and enslave our own people(It’s a slow/agonizing death) if you’ve ever seen a drug addict it’s slow murder.They’ve dangled material riches and broken our minds so that we think that the only way to make money and attain power in this country and assimilate to them is to pick up those drugs and sell them to your people, in your neighborhood’s.Hence,enslaving and killing them so you can be like your Slave Master.I ask why is that acceptable to people? Ask a drug dealer “Why do you sell drugs to people?” Try and wait for an intelligent answer.I’m sure you’ll get some nonsense about “Feeding my family” Jobs,the government that’s just shifting blame.In actuality it was a personal decision made as an individual and it’s the people that suffer.I’ve seen cocaine partially destroyed my family,enslave my parents and take the life of my father I know the hurt drug addiction.

4th TRAP: ‘THE WELFARE SYSTEM’ I grew up on welfare and food stamps.I’ve personally seen how you become dependent on the government,how it destroys the black household and incentive process.The first rule of the welfare system is you can’t have a man in the household.So if Daddy is gone who’s going to teach the children? So now you have a nation of Fatherless children.This for the most part is the biggest problem in the black community today.The family is now broken, Mothers are now with children to fend for on their own(Other than the government’s welfare check) That is a form of dependency,another word for slavery.Because the government dictates what goes on in your household, rule one Get Rid Of The Man!Nature dictates the mother raises the child from birth,loves,nurtures and even coddle that child.But at a certain age (around 13) it’s the mother’s duty to turn him over to the father so the father can teach the child exactly how to be a man how to be a man.A Black Man in America,it is this way even in the animal kingdom.In America there are many things the black woman is not 100% equipped to deal with or teach a young black child as well as his father(Like how to become a black man and survive in America)So now you have a Nation of black children without the guidance of a father in the home,so they turn to the streets.This is where Gangs and Drugs meet in the community.Many of us broken,black children look to neighborhood gangs,drug dealers as role models and follow their example.But understand the gang member,drug dealers are from the same broken homes as the child that looks up to him.That’s the blind leading the blind.The never ending cycle is manifested yet again.Now child and drug dealer patrol the same neighborhoods selling death to the most vulnerable of society(Addicts) Keep in mind just because you spend most of your time on a street corner doesn’t make it your block,nor your ‘Hood’. Local government is waiting for state government who waiting for federal government to give them the word to come erase you,whether by a bullet or by jail cell.In reality you own nothing.We’re all aware of the American prison system,the criminal justice system ‘Open 24 Hours and Business Is Good!’ Commonsense solutions for Black People in America: Unity,Education, Discipline & Hard work.Power is in unity and ownership in America.Case in point look what happened to Jewish people at the hands of the Nazis not too long ago,now look at the position of Jewish people through the same principles I’ve just mentioned Do you understand now? The first stept they took was unity amongst their people.

Trap 5 : Distractions and The Media “Money isn’t the root of all evil,the love of money is the root of all evil.” The media bombards us all with imagery of wealth,power,women 24 hours a day,seven days a week.Dangles it in front of the people and infers your life is meaningless if you don’t have these things.It’s the same principle as the House Negro/FieldsNegro.They’ve brainwashed Black America and built up such a thirst for these things the youth will sell drugs,rob,steal and kill to attain what the Slave Master has again to be like them.It’s in that process where you lose your moral,spiritual and ethical values toward your own fellow man,just to assimilate.My grandmother(God rest her soul) constantly told me as a child “Life is about choices,your choices,no one else’s yours.”

In closing,temptation & traps are and will always be there.As an individual you have the power over those choices,every choice is yours.Choose God, choose Life,choose Unity and choose Love.Each one,Teach one.


QV Smith

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