Well, I apologize if it was vague as many have been able to openly contemplate and attempt to…
Trevor Bird

I am in the habit of replying to any and all electronic correspondence I receive. In the evening I go to my office and go through my accounts to catch up on the day. It’s not a competitive sport. Believe it or not I want only the best for you as well. I don’t think it is healthy to wander through life with confused and paranoid ideas about race and sex. It does not seem like the sort of thing that makes people happy. It rather seems like the sort of thing that leads to more division and distrust.

My view is more than broad and I do not lack in critical thinking. Take me at my word or not. But perhaps you might consider that some people have been exposed to your ideology and yet reject it. Some Atheists are better at quoting verse than their religious counterparts.

And should that day come I’ll but a round as well. Although honestly I prefer coffee to ethanol. Maybe prefer is not the word, am hopelessly addicted to.

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