If you read carefully you’d notice the first half of my previous statement was not gender/sex…
Trevor Bird

I have to read into it because you clearly are unwilling to say what you mean. You talk about porn and beer commercials. Is that your rape culture? People like sex. Men being more visual like sexy things to look at. Everyone outside of your weird cult knows this already and accepts it. Because, by and large, we are men who like women and women who like men and we want to like each other. So men like RedTube and women like 50 Shades and we don’t hold it against each other (even when it seems weird to us) and try to get along.

But if you are socially incompetent and full of rage you call it ‘rape culture’. And the rest of us laugh at you. Because it is a laughable concept. If she wants to rub one out to Edward Cullen or I want to do the same to Chaisey Laine who cares? We both want to get off and that’s understandable. Nobody has to get hurt. It’s not oppression it’s just… people. Trying to weave some over-arching conspiracy into basic biology is just silly.

Rape is rare

Rape is universally despised

There is no rape culture

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