Echo isn’t out to replace anything the revolution is in what happens next…

I think it’s a misstep to compare Amazon to say Apple….for basic points tied to each of these companies history. They both respectively when it comes to hardware, software and the development community have bet on different things to win. I wouldn’t call them KPI as much as I would focus on them being larger business objectives that can fit into both co vision my for a larger ecosystem that ends up earning them marketshare by watching those in the marketplace after them get started.

Is Amazon a leader in interaction design? No

Is Amazon committed to only focusing on hardware primarily and empowering a development community to create offerings in their ecosystem and moving away from their other core competencies that end up being billion dollar bets? Not entirely so.

What came first their cloud computing biz or the ecosystem that we’re calling echo? The focus right now isn’t on hardware because it shouldn’t be.

For example photoscan was released by the Google Photos team….why? For Google to show that they care about the physical rather than the digital? It was to showoff their computer vision arm while at the same time getting people with a powerfully emotional selling point, to come onto google photos that also is about showing their computer vision prowess.

Amazon rightly so has learn a lot in a short amount of time from a host of missteps in the lifestyle approach to hardware, to getting as personal as one can get and offering benefits that align with hundred of millions of people for mass adoption, going into peoples lives after being hired for a job, and doing that job better than anyone, just look at the fire phone launch and development cycle and look at the echo. Not perfect but better.

This doesn’t mean they won’t acquire co to help them along the way either, but I think we underestimate focus, and we downplay the notion that their can be various strategies toward winning and an understanding that winning for one isn’t exactly the same as winning for another.

We’re doing it now Snapchat vs Facebook and Twitter vs literally anything else ( given their recent num are depressingly low ) and it’s comforting to do this but a lot of co might be betting on entirely different goals and visions that don’t resonate that cleanly.

Is it as sexy to say Amazon is taking a more serious approach to their cloud business and could care a bit less about being like Apple or Nokia, or even more so they don’t have the same views of what winning looks like here, when it comes to hardware with their commitment? No it isn’t sexy and that can be confusing and it doesn’t answer who’s trying to win what and why.

A fresh startup only focusing on this one thing is going to make it clear to us what this could start to look like to solve a lot of this, and accelerate value add…getting this in the hands of customers and dev. You don’t force feed anyone weather consumer or dev community you just celebrate what they need. Right now I see more celebration outside of hardware with Amazon and more about their cloud biz, and some of the tangible hardware goodies is there primarily to reimagine what this could look like tied to the hardware push like echo.

Remember this is the same company that came out with a phone that literally was a shopping device as it’s core and primary value add.

They aren’t Apple and they pride themselves on not being Apple and not being a carbon copy of Google in their product strategy. So just because a co doesn’t think the same way another billion dollar co might think to win doesn’t make their strategy any less brilliant long term.

Right now I get the sense that they are excited about testing, iterating and launching more by products in there push to create an ecosystem around this.

But I think to say this today, right now that it’s a perfect ecosystem with all of this value and people just don’t know is a mistep…they not only aren’t here yet, their means of getting there isn’t actually going to be similar to Apple or Google it’s going to be something we haven’t entirely seen before because Amazon has always been perplexing and daring in their delivery.