Snooze that article for reading later, offline — Hen

What value does this offer compared to something we already use that we feel works?

Well what exactly are we use to? I’ll let people speak for me…because I made this for them…for the ever day person for the people globally, the humans who use all sorts of products not just pocket that over time especially are tasking in the cost, they are designed to say spend 24 hours a day inside of me, I don’t care if you have a family or a life or who you are or what matters to you.


and this:

What is this experience? It’s a lack of empowerment around time management, it’s about collecting hoarding information simply in the act of collecting. Why because we are creatures of habit, as humans we actually do this regularly we hoard, so this isn’t something we aren’t excited about doing but at the very moment of retrieval….of gratification, in the act of wanting to be able to have technology understand our needs and empathize without situation we are left dismissed and the blame falls to us.

We built Hen with asking the question why, why is it done this way and how did this start…and from the very beginning… when database management frameworks and standards were underway in the 70s you had a very innovative idea around retrieval that literally did not take any time at all.

it was exceptionally efficient and this was the 70s and it was the framework which became personal computing, that software…and so that model seems awesome but in 2016, in today we’ve moving away from what works to what everyone else is doing and not let’s address a very real and very concerning issue.

Our three pillars that Hen shines better than anyone else ever is:

Time Management
you snooze for later, anytime in the future, setting a specific date and time, long term focus also goes deeper into this regarding context and being AI driven not to mention social. Can we auto snooze content for you? Is location important to you when pushing content to you in specific times, do events change that disrupt your engagement habits tied to a preschedule snooze?

Reading Comprehension 
over 50 million americans have some form of illiteracy

Content Accessibility and affordability 
This doesn’t just simply mean oh you make it fast, or less expensive, they’re are diffrent cultures, their are language barriers and their are individuals who have variating degrees of what is valuable to them in context and when it comes to retrial and engagement of content on the web, their are barriers here.

Webpages that are too expensive to load, and even if they weren’t they aren’t in the #1 spoken language on the planet, and even if they were they aren’t understandable to someone who’s illiterate. now do this in context and do this in seconds…and then you start to realize we aren’t Poket or Instapaper.

But far too many people are being inundated with loads of information, we don’t have a lack of information problem, we have a lack of empowerment to manage our time, because people are more important than things, so we need to manage our time to make sure things aren’t the ones taking all of it up.

So our mission is simple
To empower and strengthen our connection toward each other by fostering delightful experiences around content delivery and engagement. An informed and engaged society that isn’t sacrificing their time and peace of mind at the cost of engaging in any human computer interaction is one that will flourish.