Why Donald Must Be a Shithead
Dave Pell

He’s always been a shithead and since his fans like this so much about he thinks it would be crazy to be anything else but a bigger shithead every day because his subjects buys everything he says like it’s junk food on sale and don’t care how often he lies or what he lies about. When he loses he’ll bitch and moan about how everything from mics to ballots was rigged against him. The real danger are those that are a little less crazy and taking notes on when to dial it back until they get elected. His sons look like serial killers (real American Psychos). The only change he’ll make is to get much much worse. It’s our new national nightmare (thanks to a lazy media and do nothing but obstruct republicans).

It’s no wonder people are hoping for a giant meteor to hit the planet and wipe out all life.

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