A Guide for Online Assessment Generator

Online assessment is the technique used to determine certain characteristics of information for a purpose where the test is distributed via a computer with an internet connection. Most often the test is educational. Several types of online assessments contain one or more of the given components, depending on the test’s purpose. These are — Formative, analytic, or summative. Teachers can easily build online assessments with the help of Assessment Generator Tool available in the market.

On-Line Assessment Generator

There are many online assessment tools available, which allow teachers to design assignments, quizzes and examination papers. They are suitable for utilization in different contexts and aim to improve test practices so that teachers can effectively evaluate students’ understanding and application skills on a given topic. Assessment maker is ideal to build tests, exams, assessments and quizzes, both online as well as printed. Most of the tools can be customized according to the needs. These tools are not only easy and simple to use but also provide a comprehensive solution to arrange your questions, control tests, transport them and get fast results. No download or installation is required. Simple login is required to access the assessment tool.


· With Assessment Tool you can create assessment and online tests that can be uploaded to any device, put options, customize feedbacks; give certificates, and much more. Assessment Generator/Tool helps teachers, to create easily, administer and handle both formative as well as summative assessments to evaluate students’ performances frequently.

· They are easy to use, customizable online training and designing educational assessments, tests and quizzes.

· Assessment Maker helps you analyze and grade tests easily and instantly

· They also help you measure accurately learner’s progress and program’s efficiency.

Types of Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools are for immediate use with students. They are suitable to use in different types of contexts and are intended at improvising test practices. The tools are classified into the following headings:

1. Graphic Organizers — these are tools to visually represent views, ideas, knowledge and theories. They help to systemize thoughts and encourage understanding.

2. Evaluation and reflection tools — they enable students to evaluate and assess their knowledge and improvement, and what they have attained during a term, topic or project. They are specifically designed for students.

3. Feedback tools — they help students to present feedback of their work and presentation. It also comprises of approaches for teachers to improve the waiting time while asking questions.

4. Rubrics — these are printed sets of principles for evaluating knowledge, achievement or product and also for providing feedback.

The Need for Assessment Generator

Everything that a professor trains has a purpose. The students who have understood it should be able to apply the learn knowledge. At the end of the lecture, teachers want to determine whether or not the learning has been effective and the purpose has been realized. For this, they require Assessment Generator or Tool. They assist teachers to determine how well the students have grasped the taught topic. They can ask students to complete tests and assignments, and how well the test is completed is a hint of how well the students have been able to understand. With this result, teachers can evaluate the lesson and improve teaching methodology.

QuestBase is a web-based, cross-platform quiz generator or builder to create your quizzes, both on-line and printed.



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