Teachers make a quiz every school year. This is not for fun as students might think at times. it’s believed that a quiz/test is an effective teaching as well as learning tool. A quiz is normally used as a parameter for a student’s performance and understanding in class. It’s also been used as a means of boosting a student’s performance to meet certain standards.

Technology has encroached every industry and the education sector hasn’t been spared. There are schools and colleges that provide online tests and even online classes at times. Needless to say, but these online quiz makers have made life easier for teachers and tutors alike.

This has led to a growth in the number of online quiz makers online, many of these quiz makers are also free. There are some guidelines/tips that teachers can use to ensure that quiz time goes down without any hiccups.

Tips to follow

  • All required tools are available

By this we simply mean a working computer and a browser. This will also depend on the circumstances. Unless its required by the school, the teacher can allow the students to take the quiz anywhere. On top of that, they could also go a step further to ensure that the students have the tools or can access the tools needed to do the test. Another option is to have the test in school and to ensure that there are enough working computers for all students. If not, a measure can be implemented such as working in groups.

  • A test quiz is a good idea

Not every student might be able to use the online software when the day comes. It’s a good idea to first have them do a sample quiz on the same software. This will allow the students to get accustomed to the software and avoid any bottlenecks on the actual day of the test.

  • Feedback can be very helpful

When you create a quiz online try your best to incorporate feedback on the quiz as well. The feedback should be on the wrong answers.Depending on your beliefs, a quiz is not a final exam and is not meant to give a final assessment of the student. Incorporating feedback will help them learn their mistakes and improve in the future.

Try an Online Quiz Maker; It’s great

There are many features that you could use when making your test using an online quiz builder. If you feel that your students won’t all have access to computers, save and print out the test. This is something many of these software have and can prove to be very helpful to the whole class.

An online quiz is a quick and easy way to test your students without much hassle. It’s a good way to help prepare your students for the final exam as well as the results are normally almost instantaneous. As a teacher, you could find a lot of benefits from using a quiz builder.

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