General information about making multiple choice test

When you want to make multiple choice test, it should not become so much of a pain in the neck or a punishment. In fact the fact that you can use a test maker or test generator to create multiple choice test has made it even much easier and interesting. A major benefit to multiple choice test is that most students prefer it the most as they believe it is the easiest type of test to answer and at the same time, it is also easy for it to be marked. It is currently the only type of test that can be marked by a computer. Here are some general information about making multiple choice tests.

Questions to ask when making multiple choice test

First you will need to ask yourself if some questions will have many answers. This is not the norm, but there are special circumstances when this will be required. When it is, ensure to state it clearly for students to see that some questions have more than one answer. If all however, have only one answer, then ensure that you state it clearly, as well, that they should only mark one answer for a question.

You will also want to ask yourself if your questions will contain images. For computer tests, it is possible to use moving images. For paper based multiple choice questions however, the option of moving picture will be out of the place. Ensure all questions are clearly stated.

You will also want to ask yourself if some of the answers to the questions will be images. If they will be, It is vital that you use images that are very clear and which are the right answers.

Making your multiple choice test

The next step is to begin to compile the questions and answers for the multiple choice test. You should ensure that you put concise and clear instructions where all the students will be able to see them. This should preferably be on the first page, at the top.

Compile your list of questions and place the incorrect answers and the correct answer for each question. You might want the questions to appear in order of ease or randomly. Making the easy questions to appear at the beginning could give your students some edge since they will start answering from the beginning. Putting tough questions at the beginning will make them lose time trying to crack those questions, while there are easier ones that do not require time below. They might also get discouraged with the toughness of the beginning of the test and give up on the test. Try to be as selective as possible with your questions and answers, and make sure you do not give answer to a previous question on other pages.

Other tips

While you can be tricky with some questions, ensure that there is no chance of the questions getting misinterpreted.

It is also vital to print extra copies so that if there is a problem with any question paper such as lack of clarity, it can be easily replaced.

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