Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right: Why Ivanka Is Unjustly Blamed For The Sins Of Donald

A contrarian view

Some people against Donald Trump had a moment of schadenfreude when department store Nordstrom decided to stop stocking Ivanka Trump’ branded clothing because of declining sales. Others consider this a successful result of a campaign to boycott all Trump related product. Donald Trump, however, considered this an injustice. Kellyanne Conway went so far as to endorse Ivanka Trump’s clothing, thus violating standards of conduct for US Federal employee because as such she is not supposed to promote any business.

For the record, I find that all evidence points to Donald Trump being a misogynist, given the sum total of evidence of him treating women from all walks of life badly, not least of that particular tape. That is before we consider his bullying behaviour towards all and sundry. Or his disregard for democratic institution. Or… The list goes on.


Why is it acceptable to blame Ivanka Trump for the sins of Donald Trump? If Ivanka Trump shares the responsibility for the horrible nature of Donald Trump, or his policies, then she is an accomplice and deserves to be blamed. However, there is no evidence that Ivanka is an enabler of Donald. Many of Donald’s sins pre-dated Ivanka. In addition, there is no evidence to suggest Ivanka shared some of her father’s views on women, immigration or democratic institutions, and she is very careful in not making any political statement other than general support for her father.

The only remaining argument I think is that Ivanka was supportive of Donald Trump throughout his campaign, by being the perfect photogenic daughter by his side. Therefore she is an accomplice to Donald. Now I wonder, what do people expect Ivanka to do dealing strictly with familial duty? By all accounts Donald is a reasonably caring father to Ivanka. Is Ivanka supposed to disown Donald in return?

Of course if one’s father is an enemy to all humanity, then one would have no choice but to renounce all familial ties. But Donald clearly is not that bad, even for his biggest detractors. On the other end of the spectrum, if one’s father is simply a flawed individual, like we all are, then there is no reason to renounce any familial ties. Donald Trump, I suppose, sits somewhere between a flawed individual and bane to humanity. So I think it is entirely a judgement call as to whether Ivanka should renounce her tie with Donald. Philosophically, I respect Ivanka’s decision, even though in her shoes I may choose to denounce Donald outright. She simply have to live by her decision for the rest of her life. This is the agony of choice.

So in conclusion, I think there is no reason to blame Ivanka for the sins of Donald. All evidence suggested that Ivanka managed to be relatively normal despite having an egomaniac and asshat as a father. That is a credit to Ivanka. So blame Donald, not Ivanka, for the sins of Donald, the rest is unjust collateral damage. It would be petty to the extreme to try to hurt Donald via Ivanka. Two wrongs don’t make a right.