How is This Course Intro to Philosophy?

Your syllabus is one I would like to teach myself. The average philosophy 101 course is normally so stoggy and irrelevant to everyday lives, it is refreshing to illustrate everyday relevance of, say, metaphysics. I think you are very brave because I know you know that this is not going to be viewed favourably by the “establishment”, even though you are still teaching the bread and butter of philosophical concepts. Perhaps you think this is necessary in a Trumpian world?

I would make one suggestion as to shut up the conservative critics: introduce the Socratic Method by stealth. If I were a teaching assistant to your course, I would be playing the Colbert role and consistently, reasonably, and in good faith, challenge the conclusions you are trying to make, during class or during tutorial time, to make a show of dissent to your “party line”. The point is to demonstrate that as long as an argument is resasonable, it is welcomed, and that the sky is the limit in a philosophy course. A bit of Socratic threatre never hurts, in my experience.