Technology orchestrates the currently scattered and counter effective components of education. Technology weaves the strands that impact instruction: student diversity, ability discrepancies, special needs, accountability pressures, cultural background, and political forces.

Technology should never be the curriculum, but rather a mechanism that bridges the child with the content.It allows for the transformation of our current system. This transformation calls for restructuring the roles and responsibilities of students, teachers, administrators, and the school itself.

Teachers can no longer remain the circus trainers of drill and practice.

Instead of viewing themselves as having the sole responsibility of imparting knowledge and enforcing discipline

  • Teachers must learn to mentor students in their instructional and social development.
  • They must learn strategies needed to guide and support students through learning experiences
  • Provide opportunities that allow individuals to deepen their understanding of new and different concepts.

Is there a need to adequately prepare teachers of incorporating technology into the classroom?

  • Facilitate students to become adaptable, creative, and technologically versatile citizens
  • Adapt the curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century
  • Use technological systems for information transfer and research
  • Provide accessibility to learning materials and instructional support to students, parents, and interest groups
  • Develop partnerships with professionals in the broader community

How teachers benefit?

  • Skill alignment
  • Long term learning happens
  • Teleconference Linking
  • Field Work Expansion

How Students benefit?

  • Empowering Skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership and responsibility

The future of public education lies in the hands of educational leaders. If educators continue to ignore the seriousness of the current situation,schools will cease to prepare children to be productive students, but more importantly our society will begin to deteriorate.

“Technology can help change the current path of education; instead of destruction, technology can help in the rebirth of public education”!