Would you workout for Cryptocurrency?

QuHarrison Terry
3 min readAug 6, 2018


By now, you are probably familiar with the massive untapped potential of renewable energy sources. Perhaps you’ve even thought about getting a few solar panels of your own. But, there’s another untapped energy source right beneath your nose… it’s YOU. That’s right. People power — more formally known as kinetic energy — is the energy associated with human movement. And it’s a promising outlet for energy.

Energized by Motion

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Instead, it is transferred. Energy from the sun is transferred to the apple tree, which transfers that energy into sugars (apples). Our bodies process and transfer apples into a usable energy. The energy stored from the apples fuel our bodily functions and movements, which transfer the energy to carbon-dioxide and water for the apple tree to absorb again.

This fantastic cycle works seamlessly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of it — specifically the energy exerted when we move could be collected.

Energy Floors are impact responsive floor tiles equipped with generators that are sensitive to steps. Basically, every time you take a step, the floor tile bounces up and down slightly, thus putting the generator in motion to collect this kinetic energy and convert it to electrical energy.

Night clubs, where there’s a lot of dancing, would be a great application of this technology. Basketball courts could potentially utilize energy floors. And really any surface that gets a lot of foot traffic.

There’s another place that is a hotbed for our kinetic energy we could tap into… the workout gym. Think about the millions of hours logged on elliptical machines worldwide every single day. Same goes for stationary bikes, rowing machines, and other workout equipment.

What if generators were implemented in these machines and collected this energy? We’re talking about free, usable energy.