Six months ago, if you told me that I’d be having weekly family gatherings on Zoom I would’ve told you to take a hike. The business-focused video chat app had no place in social circles.

But now, Zoom has become an antidote to isolation during this pandemic lockdown.

More convenient than calling every single friend or family member, people are turning to Zoom to fill the void of lost social gatherings.

When I heard that my Aunt — who couldn’t tell you the difference between iOS and Android — was using Zoom to get together with her old college…

One of the few frustrations I have as a digital citizen is that for all the data that is collected on me across my Internet activities, there’s no way for me to carry that data with me to new platforms. Every time a new social media platform comes up or I create a new account, I spend all of this time training my algorithm on what my interests are.

What if there were an easier way to bring your interest data to a new social media platform or entertainment service once it emerged?

Basically the idea is having a digital…

By 2050, the world population is expected to grow to more than 9.8 billion, forcing us to increase our overall food production levels by 70%. Our current process of shipping fresh produce globally is extremely taxing on the environment. The lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and other veggies in your salad likely travelled more miles to get to your plate than you will travel all year.

Of all things that could change this paradigm, future thinkers are looking at freight containers as the place in which we grow our future produce. …

On YouTube, Little King Goods is making leather goods for an audience of more than 260k, Julian Baumgartner is restoring old pieces of artwork 1.2 million fans, and Alec Steele is a blacksmith with 2 million subscribers. These are the viral phenomenons no one is talking about. They’ve taken this home hobby and turned it into must-watch television.

Maybe these don’t come as a surprise to you, given that they’re granting us all a peek into a hobby we’d never experience.

However, what’s even more shocking are some of the other boring hobbies gaining huge audiences on social media.


Ever since deepfakes made their way into the public eye in 2017, one of the chief areas of concern was how these AI-manipulated videos could be used to alter a political figure’s message. It’s not hard to conjure up the possible worst-case scenarios of a fake video being spread about a president or governor saying something that they never really said.

Leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election, there have been a lot of worries about how deepfakes would be weaponized to alter the outcome of the election.

India just experienced its first attempt at political manipulation through deepfakes. …

There’s a reason that casinos offer resources for gambling addiction. If you provide easy access to something that can be abused and negatively life-altering, then it’s a moral obligation to help those people that you are enabling.

Likewise, social media sites have a moral obligation to the mental health of their users. The correlation between smartphone use and the rise in mental health issues among youth is very troubling.

Brian Resnick of Vox points out that, “Between 2009 and 2017, the number of high schoolers who contemplated suicide increased 25 percent. The number of teens diagnosed with clinical depression grew…

The stuffy air, the junk food you end up eating, the close proximity to hundreds of people. Airplanes truly put our immune systems to the test.

There was a period of time where there was nearly was a 90% chance I was getting sick after traveling on an airplane. As my business travel numbers went up, this became a real issue. So, I started putting myself through immune building routines.

The night before, I’d drink about half a gallon of water, drink a glass of orange juice, take a long shower to reduce my stress, prepare everything I needed, and…

Everyone understands the concept of cybercrime — digital tools causing digital destruction. But are we prepared or even aware of the ways in which digital tools can cause physical destruction?

Earlier this month, an artist (Simon Weckert) created a traffic jam in real life by walking down a street with a wagon full of 99 smartphones. Google Maps assumed the location data from these phones were all in use by cars, thus displaying a huge traffic jam on the map.

Although it’s hard to predict how many Uber rides had to take a detour and how much time drivers using…

When smartphone touchscreens first surfaced, it was unfathomable to most people how we could ever communicate without a keyboard. The Blackberry seemed like such a perfect business device. How could we ever send an email if we didn’t have keys to type on?

Man were we wrong.

In 2020, we’re getting very close to a similar inflection point for touchscreens. And the interface that is trying to replace them is Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). They are devices that read our brain waves and take action based on what we’re thinking.

On the extremely futuristic end of the spectrum, Elon Musk is…

How many times have you been at a party, a restaurant, or some social gathering and you just aren’t feeling the music selection? Younger folks will tell you that “he who controls the aux cord controls the mood.” But what if there were a way to generate playlists in real-time that satisfied all the people present.

There’s a lot of innovation in the actual creation of music — using artificial intelligence and mood tracking to generate music:

But we lack innovation in actually settling differences in musical taste.

There’s a huge opportunity for someone to create a Spotify or Apple…

QuHarrison Terry

Future Thinker

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