Every day millions of people buy and sell things, online shopping and waiting for the next package have become commonplace for everyone. Pakka is a platform on the blockbuster for an integrated market where users and sellers share awards and responsibilities. 
E-commerce this year can reach a huge figure of 2.4 trillion dollars, which will further increase the demand for logistics. It is expected that US consumers are projected to spend 632 billion dollars before 2020, which is $ 200 billion higher than the figures for 2017. It is also planned to grow online consumers and 1.66 billion to 2.14 billion users.

In connection with the growing demand for logistics (especially for the “logistics of the last mile”), the Pakka block block offers a solution to the problem.

The block and exchange economies were combined to create the NextPakk and Pakka crypto currency. Together they create an ecosystem with a minimal infrastructure, designed to eliminate missing or stolen parcels by transforming the logistics of the last mile. The Pakka blocker is built on the Stellar fork, providing scalability and higher throughput than other competing main platforms, while the Pakka token is a digital currency by which anyone can pay for delivery services.

By giving even the most inexperienced users the opportunity to use their own assets (personal vehicle, extra space or free time), in addition to exchanging Pakka tokens for other crypto currencies, Pakka is accepted as a form of payment for receiving parcels. In addition, it provides a conditional cash deposit as security for the last mile’s deliveries, effectively and reliably monitoring the storage and delivery of parcels.

With this efficient, transparent system, NextPakk revolutionizes the logistics industry by providing a solution to the inconvenience that is currently present in the logistics of the “last mile”. Due to the confidentiality of data and planned deliveries to consumers, unpredictability in the “last mile” is erased: the term of supply is reduced; disappearance of worries about missing or stolen premises, the inefficient use of working time disappears; confidentiality of data is provided by our blocking technology, eliminating the need for names and addresses of packages (currently not available in any other logistics company); and NextPakk is designed for global scale, up to tracking the supply of products in third world countries.

In addition, retailers can use our ecosystem to reduce losses associated with stolen parcels, large carriers are less prone to stress with demands for repeated or localized supplies, local stores benefit from the use of additional space, drivers receive extra money and consumers get convenient choice and control over delivery of their parcels.


The block and exchange economies were combined to create a decentralized platform for delivery on schedule, 7 days a week. Create a market for online buyers, local enterprises for point-to-point delivery of packages (PDP) and local drivers to deliver the last mile, which gives consumers convenience, control and security regarding their deliveries. Pakka block will become the basis for DApps, established to conduct logistics business and last mile services, using Pakka tokens as payment between place from dispatch and delivery.

  • John creates a free NextPakk profile that generates a unique client ID for John and assigns it a shipping address
  • Shop online, John sends his package without publishing any of his personal information to his address NextPakk.
  • John’s package comes to his local package delivery service (PDP)
  • The NextPakk application prompts John to schedule and pay for the delivery of his package, which he does.
  • NextPakk driver delivers a package of John.
  • After delivery, the smart contract distributes Pakka tokens participating in the delivery to the parties

What’s new in the NextPakk logistics platform?

Speed ​​and control of delivery

Installing the NextPakk application, the client receives full control over its sending. You not only decide when to receive the parcel, you control this process yourself, depending on your plans. Instead of customer notes where to leave the parcel or “not to knock loudly at the door”, NextPakk technology provides an open communication between the client and the driver delivering your package. This also solves the problem with the service and the support service. Now no one will forget to deliver your parcel. It will also reduce the costs of local businesses and save them a lot of time.


Obviously, the consumer demand for fast delivery requires increased efficiency. To date, supply services on demand have penetrated almost every industry, and online retail is no exception. While efficiency can be increased to varying degrees through the supply chain, technology is a key factor in delivery on the same day and on demand.

Compared to coffee roasting, small and independent businesses put individual, controlled product quality at the head, which is significantly different from the industrial frying, to which we are accustomed. Similarly, NextPakk uses a localized small package approach to the logistics of the last mile, only at the national (and, eventually, global) scale.
NextPakk supports local businesses through the PDP (Point Delivery Point) partnership: enterprises accept packages for storage. From them, customers are warned that their packages have arrived at the local level, and they can order delivery at their own discretion — when they are at home. As for the final delivery, there is minimal traffic for navigation and the lack of a large number of parcels, plus all drivers are local. Result? Packages are delivered on time or delivered free of charge. NextPakk believes in the need to change the logistics of the last mile and maintains its system!


As the number of purchases on the Internet increased, transparency on delivery was also needed. People no longer wait patiently for the arrival of packages — they need to know where they are at this moment, and when their goods are delivered. While third-party logistics companies generate tracking codes that allow consumers to track some of the steps, our detachment allows you to follow the entire delivery guide in detail: consumers can track the driver and know exactly when he arrives. The simplicity of this process eliminated the fear of missed delivery or a stolen package, raising the level in the logistics of the last mile. We will stabilize Pakka token as the currency for last mile logistics, paving the way for online buyers to pay for shipping and other services related to this process.





If you try to describe in your own words, then NextPakk is the kind of Uber for the parcels. The American market is ideal for start, a long distance and a huge number of both parcels and drivers / local businesses. Blokcheyn zasunut in the business model is not for the sake of the name. Softkap and Hardkap look like real numbers, the distribution structure of the tokens is logical and does not raise questions. Pleases and the presence of good partners.

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